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The 90s Supermodel Bob Cut Is Back And How!

All the major trends of the 90s are back in fashion—be it the chokers, crop tops or the butterfly clips. And now, another style from the bygone era has started getting traction is none other than the ‘90s supermodel bob!

A nod to Christy Turlington and Winona Ryder’s chin-skimming elegance, it brings a Parisian touch to your look, elongating your neck and adding a touch of mystery to your décolletage. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, this cut can breathe a new life into your locks.

What is the 90s Bob?

ICYMI, Jenna Ortega and Zendaya strutted down the red carpet at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards this year, radiating chic elegance while sporting none other than the 90s supermodel bob.

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While it’s not a new hairstyle by any means, a 90s bob isn’t the our run-of-the-mill chin-length cut, it has a certain flair to it. The magic lies in its layers that grace the back of your head, creating some bounce, while also accentuating your collar bones.

Now, let’s talk bangs. The beauty lies in the diversity and you’ve got options, my friend. Whether you’re all about those blunt bangs that play peekaboo with your eyebrows or you’re feeling the curtain bangs that gracefully frame your face, the ‘90s supermodel bobs are as versatile as you’d like. In fact, bangs aren’t even mandatory — it’s all about sculpting a look that reflects your unique style.

It’s low-maintenance, while also giving a youthful touch to your look.

How To Ask For The 90s Supermodel Bob At The Salon?

While we’re all for celebrating 90s trends, it’s crucial to remember that not every bob will work for you. Your face shape and hair type are your unique canvases, and the stylist should take these into consideration to find one that will suit you. Work together, communicate your desires, and ensure that the end result is as harmonious with your identity, as it is with the trend.

Stylists suggest asking for a casual, slightly uneven texture or even considering a French bob variation. For those with thicker hair, some hairstylists might choose to use a razor for cutting, which adds some extra dimension. On the other hand, for individuals with finer hair, using scissors is more suitable.

During your consultation with the hairstylist, it’s important to clearly communicate your desired hair length, as well as the shape you’re going for. Opting for a more squared-off shape is advised, steering clear of the rounded outlines that are common with haircuts like the bubble bob.

How To Style The 90s Bob

The beauty of the supermodel bob is in its simplicity. It requires minimal styling but delivers maximum impact.

To style this haircut, grab a round brush and comb through your tresses while you go wild with the blow-dryer. Blow-dry your hair in every direction; it’s all about embracing the messiness. Channel that 90s fullness by focusing on the roots, giving your mane that signature volume.

So, why wait? Go ahead and book that appointment. It’s time to rock the style you’ve been holding back on.