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This Viral Claw Clip Hack Will Give You A Voluminous Ponytail

There’s no doubt that TikTok is a beacon of inspiration when it comes to offering an endless array of make-up tricks, DIY projects and, of course, hair tutorials and hacks. Among the plethora of trends circulating on a daily basis, one has recently emerged as a game-changer: the ‘flip and claw clip’ ponytail hack. Combining simplicity with stunning

glazed blush trend

Here’s How To Get The Trending Glazed Blush Make-Up Look

As we step into 2024, the spotlight has shifted from lips and nails to the dew-kissed charm of our cheekbones. This trend, gaining traction from red carpets to social media, brings forth a fresh burst of colour with a touch of radiance. Let’s decode the glazed blush look that promises to redefine your make-up routine. Picture this: a youthful, heal

calf tox trend

The ‘Calf Tox’ Trend Is A Bizarre Way To Slim Down Your Legs

As if the ‘regular’ beauty standards weren’t challenging enough to navigate, TikTok has introduced a new trend that’s taking the platform by storm – ‘calf tox.’ Move over Ozempic, because this hot trend involves a different kind of injection, one that promises to slim down those calf muscles for a more contoured and lean appearance. But is injectin

sugar plum fairy makeup

Cop Hailey Bieber's ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Make-Up For The Holiday Season

In a world saturated with make-up trends, Hailey Bieber has once again stolen the spotlight, this time with a whimsical ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ make-up look that’s set to be the showstopper of the holiday season. Unlike your typical festive glam, Bieber’s rendition is a delightful blend of the classic Nutcracker charm and 2023’s ‘cold girl’ aesthetic. A

red wine makeup

Here’s How You Can Get The Fall-Friendly Red Wine Make-Up Look

When it comes to make-up, trends pop up faster than you can say ‘Merlot’. One of the latest beauty crazes that has been swirling around like a fine Bordeaux is the Red Wine make-up trend. Picture this: sultry red hues reminiscent of your favourite vino, designed to channel the allure of sipping on a glass of red wine during a night out. It’s the ki

skin fasting trend

‘Skin Fasting’ Might Just Be The Detox Your Skin Needs

The world of skincare has witnessed a revolution in recent years. The elaborate Korean ‘glass skin’ beauty routines that once ruled our Instagram explore page are now making way for a new contrasting phenomenon — skin fasting. This trend encourages you to give your skin a much-needed break from the barrage of skincare products it’s accustomed to. B