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brachel haircut trend

The ‘Rachel’ Haircut Has A New Sister-Haircut, The ‘Brachel’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be aware of the iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut popularised by the Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston in the ’90s. The quintessential girl-next-door hairstyle sparked a worldwide style craze in 1995 when her distinctive, shaggy and layered chop was coveted by women everywhere around the world. Gen Z, obviously,

Vampire Skin Trend

Twilight Fans Rejoice! Vampire Skin Is Officially Trending

Are you one of those people who grew up watching and reading the Twilight series and were a true blue #TeamEdward fan? Then listen up, because this new make-up trend is going to be your new favourite. Remember when Edward tries to expose himself as a vampire to get himself killed, and as he steps into the sun he starts sparkling like a human disco

Hair Tinsel

Glitter Hair Tinsels Are Here To Get The Party Started

The beauty world has an undying love for glitter that just refuses to leave us. From shimmery eyes to nails, we are now bringing back a popular hair trend from the early 2000s: hair tinsels. The shimmery hair highlights look super chic and always make you feel like you are ready to party. The one celebrity who has been absolutely owning this trend