Breezy Bob Hairstyle© Polina Podpletennaya

Add Some Wind To Your Hair With This Breezy Bob Hairstyle

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Let’s be honest, monsoon humidity will give your hair a makeover whether you like it or not. The current weather tends to make your hair look dishevelled and big but, at times, it can work out in your favour, especially if you have flat, lifeless hair. This season, it’s time to try out some breezy new cuts with the airy bob that’ll make your hair look like it has its own air vent.

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What To Ask Your Hairstylist?

When you go for your next hair appointment, make sure to ask them to give you some soft face-framing layers that add more volume to the front section of your face. The key to recreating this hairstyle is to add as much volume to your locks as possible, this will create that bouncy look, making your hair look effortlessly styled.

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How To Style It?

Styling is quite essential to get this look. After you wash your hair, evenly distribute some volumizing mousse in your locks. The trick is to make your hair look bouncy and chic but not too neat. You need your hair to look a little messy to make it more fun and lively. After you have added the product, blast dry your hair for a few minutes, then section your hair and use a blow dryer and a round brush to style it. If you want an easier way out, the Dyson Airwrap gives you a chic blowout without putting in too much effort.

So, are you ready to weather the monsoon in style?