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Here’s How You Can Style The Trending ‘Halo Haircut’

Do you often find yourself straightening your naturally curly or wavy hair, simply because society deems it more polished or professional? Or maybe you’ve endured one too many awkward moments at weddings, where well-meaning relatives question your grooming habits just because you’ve embraced your natural texture? Well, fret not! Along with the empowering movement of embracing your natural hair only grows its supporters, we’re also seeing the rise of curly hair products in the market. With the prevailing trend of soft femininity which celebrates all things natural, there’s no better time to rock your majestic mane. And the cherry on top? The halo haircut trend is here to help you flaunt your locks with confidence and style.

With its bob-like shape hugging the face like a celestial halo, this cut is anything but ordinary. It’s like a modern twist on a classic favourite. As bob haircuts continue to steal the spotlight, the halo cut stands out with its rounded, angelic perimeter. So, if you’re itching for a salon appointment or contemplating a bold change, join us as we explore the charm of the halo haircut. Ahead, find out styling tips, suitability for different face shapes, and how to rock this haircut with confidence.

What Is The Halo Haircut?

Picture a haircut that exudes softness and grace, framing the face with gentle curves akin to a halo. The halo haircut, characterised by its rounded shape and face-framing layers, creates a voluminous and statuesque effect. It’s a style that celebrates natural textures, embracing curls and coils while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Who Does It Work Best On?

One of the most appealing aspects of the halo haircut is its inclusivity. While it particularly shines on curly and coily hair textures, it’s a democratic chop that can suit a range of hair types and textures. Whether you have straight hair or bountiful curls, the key lies in customising the cut to compliment your unique features and preferences.

How To Ask For The Halo Haircut At The Salon?

When stepping into the salon for a halo haircut, communication is key. Request a rounded shape with soft, face-framing layers, ensuring to steer clear of sharp angles. Whether you opt for a heavy fringe or prefer a softer look, the emphasis should be on creating volume and texture while maintaining a gentle silhouette.

Maintenance And Styling Tips

To keep your halo haircut looking its best, regular trims every six to eight weeks are essential to maintain its shape and prevent any unwanted flip-ups. When it comes to styling, embrace your hair’s natural texture with lightweight products that enhance volume and hold.

Whether you prefer air-drying for a more effortless look or indulging in heat styling for added polish, the halo haircut offers versatility for every styling preference.

Advice For Styling The Halo Haircut

Experts recommend tailoring your styling approach to your hair type. For straight hair, use volumising products and a round brush during blow-drying to create softness and movement. Alternatively, for curly hair, embrace the natural texture by using a diffuser and finishing products that define curls and add shine. Remember, styling can be as simple or involved as you desire, allowing you to express your individuality through your hair.

So, whether you’re looking to embrace your curls or add volume to straight strands, the halo cut is the way to go in 2024.