Fairytale Hairstyle

The Fairytale Hairstyle Is The Ultimate Fall Look

Is the fairytale cottage core your vibe of the season? Then maybe you might just be as obsessed as we are with the fairytale hairstyle. A style that not only makes you feel like a fairy but also look like one, this hairdo is delicate, floral and brings out the perfect feminine vibe. With bows, florals, and soft waves flooding our discovery pages on

Pinch Hair Hack

The Pinch Hair Hack Will Give You The Volume Of Your Dreams

Have you wished for a hair hack that could give you the volume of your dreams? Well, we’ve got you covered. This trending hair hack has taken over social media, promising to give your hair that much-need volume on top of your head in no time, and all you have to do is one simple step. The hack was made popular by hairstylist, Emma Chen, who is ofte

Jellyfish Hair Color Trend

Jellyfish Hair Is The New Beauty Trend In Tik-Tok Town

Fashion and beauty have always been about experimenting with different and unique styles, and finding something that truly resonates with you. Last year, the iconic ‘80s mullet made a comeback in the most GenZ way—it was unique and quite different from how the look was back in the day. The new mullet, also known as the ‘shag mullet’ was edgier and

Get The Beach Waves Of Your Dreams The Hailey Bieber Way

Hailey Bieber is an icon when it comes to her effortless everyday style. Whether it’s her style or her always-snatched face, Bieber has shown us time and again how to look chic with minimal effort. The reigning queen of the ‘clean girl’ look, the model and upcoming entrepreneur, does not believe in gatekeeping her beauty hacks so, lucky for us, we

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Will Inspire You To Get Bangs Right Now

Yes, life has been in limbo for the better part of the past two years and you’re probably itching for a major hair transformation, but put down those scissors and hear us out first. Instead of taking a bold step that you may or may not be happy with later, it helps to opt for a smaller change first that will help you hit refresh on your look and ne

Ananya Panday and Deepika Padukone Hairstyle

Which Hairstyle Should You Try Next Depending On Your Face Shape?

Down the ages, one indisputable truth has emerged about hairstyles: what looks good on your bestie or your favourite influencer may not look the same on you. Why? Because the unique geometry of our faces means that they require specific hairstyles to highlight certain assets and frame others in an optimal manner. So before you opt for a major post-