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Transform Your Flat Locks With The ‘Waterfall Layers’ Haircut

Is your hair feeling flat and uninspired lately? If you’re longing to breathe new life into your locks, we’ve discovered the ultimate haircut to come to your rescue—the ‘waterfall layers’ haircut. This hair trend has been making waves (pun intended) and winning hearts all over social media.

Imagine a cascade of layers creating a mesmerising, fluid movement that’s as timeless as it is effortlessly chic. If the idea of ‘waterfall layers’ conjures images of sun-soaked vacations and crystal-clear pools, you’re on the right track. Ahead, let’s see what this haircut is all about, exploring its versatility, 70s-inspired roots, and the modern twist it brings to the beauty scene.

What Is The Waterfall Layers Haircut?

Waterfall layers are all about creating a cascading effect. Face-framing layers start short, usually at the nose or chin, and blend in every direction, offering a multitude of styling possibilities. The real secret? Your hair needs to be extra long to fully embrace the breezy, voluminous vibes. This trend is not just a seasonal fling; it’s a year-round love affair that promises to make you feel like a modern mermaid, ready to conquer the world.

A Journey Through Time

Once dubbed the ‘Farrah Fawcett’ cut, the waterfall layers trend is a nod to the ‘70s, a decade that effortlessly blended rebellion with sophistication. Unlike traditional straight-across layers, the waterfall layers take a graduated approach, getting longer as they descend down the head.

This creates a natural, fluid look that is perfect for those with longer hair. The layers are cut at an angle fewer than 90 degrees, giving the ends a playful wave-like appearance. The result? Thin hair appears thicker, heavy hair becomes bouncier, and everyone gets a touch of that retro glam.

Who Can Get The Waterfall Layers Haircut?

The beauty of this haircut is its versatility across various hair types and textures. Whether your locks are straight, wavy, curly, thin, or thick, there’s a waterfall waiting for you. For those blessed with natural curls, the layers add an extra layer of visual interest, enhancing the overall shape and bounce.

Fine-haired beauties can revel in the illusion of fuller locks, while those with a thick mane can enjoy a stylish break from the heaviness. The waterfall layers truly bring out the best in every hair type, making it a trend worth considering for your next salon visit.

Waterfall Bangs

For those craving a ‘70s vibe with a modern twist, you must try the waterfall bangs. Longer than traditional bangs, these fall around the cheekbone area, seamlessly blending with the rest of your hair for a cohesive ’70s-inspired look. The key is to part your hair in the middle, allowing the bangs to provide volume when styled inward. As an alternative, curtain bangs offer a more forward-focused look, perfect for those seeking a bit of drama.

Tailoring the Waterfall Bangs

The good news is they can generally work on any hair texture. However, a bit of personalised advice goes a long way. For those with thin hair, waterfall bangs add dimension and texture, creating the illusion of fuller locks. Thick-haired individuals can embrace waterfall bangs to break up the heaviness, adding a stylish element to their mane.

Curly and wavy textures, fear not – waterfall bangs are here to complement your natural beauty. Ask for longer, face-framing waterfall bangs that follow your cheekbone’s curve, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural curls. Emphasise the need for layers that work with your curl pattern, enhancing movement and maintaining the overall shape.