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candle light hair trend

All The ‘It-Girls’ Are Getting Candle Light Hair This Season

It’s August, which means the season of pumpkin spice lattes is just around the corner. This fall, however, the candlelit brunette hair is the trend to opt for, if you’re looking to jazz it up and maximise on the autumn vibes. Autumn (or even monsoon for India) is a season of its own aesthetic charm—the dark nights, twinkling lights, and the cosy wa

Curtain Bangs Chic Hairstyle

Baby Curtain Bangs Is The New Chic Style In Town

The era of curtain bangs is still very much thriving. The subtle face-framing bangs that create the perfect illusion of a slim cheekbone structure have completely changed the beauty game. Now, there is a whole new version of the party, and this one is a lot cuter! The baby curtain bags is the little sister of the OG curtain bangs. The only differen

The Mean Girl Hairstyle

The Mean Girl Hairstyle Is Here To Spice Up Your Fall Season

Pop culture always plays a big role in creating beauty and fashion trends. While our favourite chick flicks and rom-coms have always blessed us with iconic style inspiration, the internet seems to be now taking cues from our favourite leading mean girls. Yup, the slicked-back pony, the voluminous blowout, headbands and high ponytails are officially