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Wedding Designer Ambika Gupta’s One Tip For A Sustainable Wedding

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

We’re in the middle of a climate crisis and every little bit helps. Sustainability has to pervade every aspect of our lives, from what we wear to what we eat. While we start making mindful choices for our wardrobes and skincare routines, some of our cultural practices should also come under the scanner, one of the biggest being the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Weddings can be excessive and wasteful but post-pandemic, we’ve seen people scale back from holding large weddings in favour of more intimate and small gatherings.

But the question still remains: Can weddings be truly sustainable?

Renowned wedding designer Ambika Gupta, of A-Cube says that it’s not possible for weddings to be fully sustainable but there are ways you can enable sustainability.

Gupta, who has designed some of the most beautiful weddings of recent times including that of celebrities like Kajal Agarwal and Alanna Panday, says that wedding design has come a long way and people now want their weddings to be unique and meaningful.

One of the ways people like to make their big day special is by giving back to society or the environment in some way or the other. We’ve seen this in the examples of some recent celebrity weddings, like when Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli gifted each of their wedding guests a sapling to plant and make the Earth a greener place.

While this is a great way to ensure mindful choices for your wedding, Gupta says one of the most impactful ways to make your wedding sustainable is through its waste management.

“You need to get someone on board who could help you recycle most elements of your weddings, from food to decor, and reduce any negative impact on the environment,” says Gupta.

The wedding designer reveals that there are multiple vendors available throughout the country who can help you recycle your wedding waste in an eco-friendly way.

Gupta also suggests that there are also smaller ways, like recycling the floral decorations at your wedding to make potpourri or incense sticks, to make sure your wedding becomes truly sustainable.