Abhinav Mishra Wedding Style© Abhinav Mishra

Designer Abhinav Mishra Decodes Summer Wedding Style For Brides

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

With the days becoming hotter and evenings balmier by the second, the question has got to be asked: How do we dress for a wedding without disintegrating in the heat?

Who better to answer the question other than designer Abhinav Mishra who is known for his lightweight Indianwear ensembles that bring together the best of Indian crafts and modern trends.

The Delhi-based designer just launched the second part of his two-part Spring Summer 2023 collection, titled ‘Tara Sitara’. According to the designer, the new sub-collection picks up right where the first one, titled ‘Dilbar’, left off.

“‘Tara Sitara’ is a homage to its namesake in the night sky and the secrets of passion they guard. It is inspired by the Sufi readings on love and its ability to bring tranquillity to the world. The collection celebrates love’s transformative power and its ability to build worlds of its own, it features our celebrated collections of ivories and golds,” said Mishra in a chat with HELLO! just ahead of the collection launch, “‘Dilbar’ was inspired by my travels and inspiration, especially Marrakech, a sensory overload for someone with an inclination towards design. It was a definitive memory, one that revolved around stark stucco walls, intricate mosaics and the signature chevron pattern that I couldn’t get out of my mind. All these elements juxtaposed with the vibrance of colour were something I retained and reimagined with this collection.”

The designer insisted that while the two collections are different from each other, both celebrate the signature elements of his brand and honour the spirit of love.

Mishra launched his eponymous label back in 2014 and, over the years, established himself as a name to look out for when it comes to occasion wear for modern-day brides and wedding guests. “I’ve always stayed true to my fascination and deep-rooted love for mirror work as well as using intricate and heritage embroideries and techniques. We’ve tried to modernise this through silhouettes that work for new-age audiences as well, including our foray into menswear a few years ago as well as a resort line coming soon.”

When it comes to occasion wear, Mishra’s designs have always been forward-facing. The designer admitted that social media has played a major role in informing the choices people have started making when it comes to wedding style and he’s just keeping up, “With the fast-changing trends in the fashion industry, we see brides now looking for a more unconventional and risk-taking aesthetic. While still embracing our Indian bridal traditions, the new-age bride now wants to add a personal touch to their choices. The ensembles should showcase her identity along with a fresh and novel feel. Being bold and showcasing your personality through your clothes is something I’ve seen on the rise over the years.”

The designer predicted a riot of colours for summer weddings this year, “This wedding season you will see a lot of colour play with vibrant hues and aquamarines that capture the essence of the summer. Apart from that, summer-friendly fabrics with traditional embroideries and handwork can be seen paving their way into a bride’s wardrobe. Along with voluminous skirts with bodices that accentuate the wearer. The upcoming trends will surely imbibe a bold yet fun feel.”

The designer insisted that lightweight and fuss-free silhouettes are the way to tackle weddings this season. Aside from this, he laid down his commandments for dressing for a wedding during summer, “The most important things to remember for a summer wedding: start with colour, every colour has a complementing season. Then comes fabric, essential for comfort without compromising on trends and styles. Types of karigari is next, Summer is great for intricate thread work and brilliant mirror work, and finally types of ensembles—outfits that flow from day into night, are great for dinner soirées or poolside luncheons.”

In the end, Mishra insisted, it’s all about what resounds with you. “Spend time with different ensembles and one will connect with you at a deeper level, above and beyond body type or trends. Don’t follow trends blindly, choose an outfit that is timeless and collectable to pass down through generations!”

You can check out Mishra’s Spring Summer 2023 collection at his store or on his website.