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Aanam C On The Internet Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

In the world of beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion, few names shine as brightly as Aanam Chashmawala. With a career spanning over a decade, Aanam’s journey as an influencer and the founder of the Indian beauty brand, Wearified, has been nothing short of remarkable. Ahead, we dive into her experiences, inspirations, and the secrets to looking radiant during the festive season.

A 12-Year Journey

Aanam C embarked on her content creation journey in 2011 while she was still in college, working towards her bachelor’s degree in mass media, advertising, and marketing. Back then, the blogging world was in its infancy, and many people didn’t understand the concept. When discussing her early days, she says, “I started out when I was in college and, you know, at that point of time, I genuinely just thought I was building a portfolio of sorts to present to magazines because I wanted to be an editor...” Little did she know that this passion would evolve into a full-fledged career.

One pivotal moment stands out in Aanam’s journey—a paid collaboration that earned her 7,500 rupees. She recalls, “I got paid 7,500 rupees for a blog post featuring three different looks. And to me, that sent me over the moon at the time because I was like, this is what I love to do. And I’m actually getting somebody to pay me money for it.” This milestone revealed the true potential of content creation and solidified her path as an influencer.

Beauty Hacks: Staying Radiant And Cosy

With the festive and wedding season in full swing, Aanam shares her top three beauty hacks for looking radiant and staying cosy during the colder months. Her go-to tips include always using a good primer and a reliable blurring powder. Aanam emphasises make-up that can withstand the test of time, allowing her to transition seamlessly from shoots to weddings without the need for constant touch-ups. She says, “You know, for me, it’s super important that my make-up and whatever amount of make-up, little or lots, lasts on my face for very long.”

And lastly, when it comes to achieving that perfect look, Aanam believes that a good liquid lipstick is an absolute necessity. It’s the finishing touch that can transform any look, and complete an outfit during Indian weddings and festivities.

Matching Make-Up And Contrasting Colours

Aanam’s approach to matching make-up with festive outfits may surprise you. She doesn’t strictly follow the matchy-matchy route. Instead, she loves building contrast. The beauty enthusiast is also a fan of gold details on the eyes, stating, “I love gold details on the eye. I feel like the second you throw in that little metallic touch on your eye make-up, it really amps things up in a lot of ways.”

Must-Have Beauty Products

When it comes to Aanam’s personal holy grails, there are a few beauty products that stand out. Not missing the chance to proudly rep her own beauty brand, she starts with the Wearified Airbrush Powder, which has gradually become a game-changer for many users. Its ability to provide a soft, focused finish and keep make-up intact is a real winner.

Next on her list are false lashes. Aanam swears by their transformative power, adding drama and depth to any glam look. “I feel like I love my regular looks. And then the second I’ll take that two extra minutes to throw on the false lash on it, I will love my look so much more,” she says. Aanam recommends Wearified’s “So Her” lashes, which work well for various eye shapes, even for those with hooded eyes.

Finally, no festive beauty routine is complete without a good liquid lipstick. Her personal favourite shade for the festive season is “Red Velvet Cupcake,” a versatile red tone that complements a wide range of outfits.

Internet Beauty Hacks That Work

Aanam shares an internet beauty hack that actually worked for her—pinching her nose together to create an inner dip into the corner of her eye. She was pleasantly surprised by the results and has continued to use this technique to enhance her eye make-up and get that perfect inner-eye cat-liner.

Beauty Tips for Beginners

For those just starting their beauty journey, Aanam offers valuable advice, emphasising the importance of understanding one’s skin type. She advises, “This is going to be a little anti-climactic coming from a social media influencer, but don’t go and buy everything you see on the internet... don’t think that everything will work for you.”

“The only thing is you have to understand your skin type might be different from somebody else’s. If you’re a dry skin person, try to find someone on the internet who has similar skin type. So their recommendations will work for you. But my point is, don’t be blind about where and who you’re taking your recommendations from,” Aanam warns.

The beauty blogger’s top five foundational products for beginners include a good blurring powder, nude lipstick, concealer, brow pencil, and blush. These products cover the essentials and provide versatility for various make-up styles and preferences.

“I’m a bigger fan of powder-based products to be honest... I feel like they’re much more beginner-friendly because if you make a mistake, it’s very easy to maneuver. Whereas with cream-based and liquid products, I feel like the minute you’ve made a mistake—your base, your foundation or blush—you really have to work your way around it. ” she adds.

Unconventional Sources of Inspiration

Aanam’s creativity knows no bounds, drawing inspiration from everyday life. Whether it’s the colours of a stunning sunset, the patterns on an outfit, or the visuals of a music video, she finds beauty inspiration everywhere. Aanam believes in translating her imagination into reality, turning even the simplest things into captivating beauty content.

As she aptly puts it, “When it comes to beauty, I feel like I’m perpetually looking at things and thinking, ‘oh my God, this would be great for content.’”