Elevate Your Christmas Party Make-Up With Somya Gupta

If you’ve been frantically scrolling through the depths of the internet for the perfect Christmas party make-up inspiration for tonight, well, your search ends here. With a plethora of party glam tutorials to choose from, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when you can’t cut a crease to save your life. So, our Christmas present to you comes in the form of some expert advice (along with a tutorial) from none other than social media star Somya Gupta, who you may know as @thesassthing_ or Michu, depending on whether you follow her on Instagram or YouTube.

While Somya generously demonstrated the glam for tonight’s celebration, which is perfect for a dinner at home or a night around town, we also got her to dish out some tips and tricks on her beauty routines for this time of the year.

In conversation with Somya Gupta

HELLO!: Can you share 2 make-up hacks for the party season?

Somya Gupta: “Don’t hesitate to use your lipstick as your liner. Also, mix some serum or moisturiser in your foundation—this will make sure your base doesn’t look dry and cakey even if you wear make-up for long hours.”

H!: What are some of the biggest make-up mistakes, according to you?

SG: “I think one thing a lot of people do is start by taking too much foundation. I would always suggest starting by taking less and then building it up. The second would be not prepping your skin well. Whatever skin type one is, prepping and doing the right skincare before makeup is key.”

H!: What are some products that should be added to one’s routine during the winters, in your opinion?

SG: “Definitely add a heavy moisturiser, make sure you prep your lips well before doing a matte lipstick, go for cream-based make-up products instead of powder-based ones and pick products which are infused with skincare ingredients too.”

H!: How do you update your makeup routine in the winter?

SG: “First, I change my moisturiser and move to one which is more hydrating, also I love adding a serum to my foundation. I also like using a cream blush and hydrating lipsticks, which I only apply after using a lot of lip balm.”

Recreate Somya Gupta’s Holiday Glam Make-Up Look

Prep Your Skin: After cleansing your skin and getting your hair out of your face, start off by using a sheet mask of your choice. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rub the excess product into your skin. Seal this up using a moisturiser that suits your skin type. If the winter air is making your skin feel dry, upgrade to something that gives you more hydration than your daily driver.

Base: Opt for a light coverage foundation that leaves a dewy finish. If needed, add a few drops of liquid highlighter, moisturiser or serum into your foundation for that glossy look. The best way to do so is to pump out the product to the back of your hand and then apply it to your face using a brush or a blender, depending on what you prefer. Moving on to the under-eyes, apply some concealer in your inner corner and blend it outwards. Set it all with a translucent powder

Brows: Next up, comb your brows to get rid of any foundation that may have stuck to the hair. Then, fill them in minimally to maintain their natural shape and look.

Cheeks: Using a fluffy round blush, apply a rosy-hued blush from your cheeks and blend towards your temples. Add that ‘cold girl’ aesthetic to your look by using a shimmery baby pink blush on the inner corner of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

Eyes: For the eyes, keep it minimal yet sparkly by sweeping some highlighter across your eyelids. Then, using a thin eyeshadow brush pick out your brightest red lip liner, dip in your brush and use it to create a winged eyeliner. Complete with a generous coat of lengthening mascara to your lashes.

Highlighter: Use a golden-hued highlighter on the high points on your face like the tip of your nose and your cheekbones.

Lips: It’d be criminal to not wear red lipstick to a Christmas party, so begin by using a matching lipliner and then fill in your lips.

Equipped with the perfect Christmas party make-up, you’re sure to sleigh through the holiday season!