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Muskan Chanchlani’s Beauty Hack For Dry Skin Is Genius

In the fast-paced world of beauty and lifestyle, content creation and influence are the names of the game. And one rising star in this industry is none other than the beauty blogger and YouTuber Muskan Chanchlani. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for all things beauty, and an infectious personality, this influencer has captured the hearts of millions and established herself as a leader in the beauty and make-up community.

With over 300k followers on Instagram and a plethora of glowing reviews, Chanchlani, who is also the sister of renowned Internet comedian Ashish Chanchlani, has carved a niche for herself in the world of beauty and lifestyle blogging through her bite-sized videos.

From expertly curated makeup tutorials to skincare regimes, she has become the go-to source for all things make-up and lifestyle.

With roots in a talented family, it’s no surprise that Chanchlani is making waves in the beauty industry. We recently sat down with the influencer to discuss her journey, her favourite make-up products, and her advice for her younger self. Read on for excerpts from this exclusive interview.

HELLO!: Tell us a little about your journey so far.

Muskan Chanchlani: “I started my YouTube channel named ‘Miss McBlush’ at the age of 17 to explore my passion for all things make-up and put myself out there. Then when the pandemic came around and we were all stuck inside our homes for the better part of the last two years, I slowly started moving towards Instagram and creating more videos for that platform.

I’ve been focused on creating good quality Instagram content related to beauty, make-up and lifestyle, and people really seem to enjoy it. Now, I’m gradually diversifying my palette and dipping my toes in fashion, along with doing a bit of entertainment content with my brother here and there.”

H!: Do you remember the first makeup item you bought?

MC: “I remember literally begging my mom for extra pocket money so that I could go buy some make-up products when I was younger. And then when I did finally have enough saved up, my first purchase was from MAC, partly because their products seem like a natural introduction to the world of professional makeup. I got all the OGs — the foundation, the longwear concealer and of course, the Studio Finish compact powder.

Although this was my first purchase, the moment I fell in love with make-up and the artistry that goes behind it, was when I got my hands on this one particular coral-hued lipstick from Essence. That was a game-changer for me; I think my love affair with make-up started there.”

H!: What is your most extravagant beauty purchase?

MC: “My most extravagant beauty purchase is the new Chanel blush range. I can’t stop using those because they’ve got microbeads of pigment that give you a natural flush of colour on your cheeks that no other blush can. Another beauty offering that I hold close to my heart is basically everything from Dior! I love the Dior backstage foundation, the concealer, the highlighter and the viral lip oils without a doubt. I have got my hands on all the shades of this lip oil, and you’ll always find one in my purse. They’re not that long-lasting, but I love the hydration and tint they bring to my lips.”

H!: What product do you never leave home without?

MC: “My Dior lip oil or the classic Black Honey lipstick from Clinique, because I have really dry skin, and my lips become so crusty if I don’t hydrate them. I think glossy, plump lips give off such a fresh, youthful look, and now that I’m older, I just can’t stand those long-lasting matte formulas that dry your lips out.”

H!: Tell us your top 5 favorite beauty gurus?

MC: “I ardently follow Kaushal Beauty for her relatable, down-to-earth personality and her flawless make-up techniques, Mohammed Hindash for his product reviews and make-up tutorials, Kathleen Lights for all things beauty and Manny MUA because he’s so funny and talented; there’s not one dull moment while watching his videos. And then closer home, I really love Aashna Shroff.”

H!: What does your daily skin care routine look like? And what are some DIY face masks you love using?

MC: “I’ve stopped experimenting with DIYs honestly. Earlier I used to be all over these avocado masks, aloe vera packs, rubbing banana peels on my bare skin and the whole shebang, but I quickly realised that not all these concentrated raw ingredients would react well with my skin.

So my skincare routine, now, is pretty fuss-free and basic. I start with using a CeraVe cleanser, then follow up with the D’you ceramide moisturiser and tie it all in together with Dr. Sheth’s ceramide sunscreen. This is the routine that my skin has been loving and I’m going to be sticking to this for the foreseeable future. As for my nighttime routine, I just replace the sunscreen with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and seal it in with the same moisturiser and that’s pretty much it!”

H!: Name a makeup crime that you hate?

MC: “Using a cream product on top of powder and applying highlighter on your cupid’s bow. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I feel like it looks like you have a glittery moustache, NGL. Thank God we left that trend behind in 2016 (laughs).”

H!: What does self care mean for you?

MC: “Self-care for me is the act of dedicating time and attention to one’s own physical, mental, and emotional well-being and taking a breather at least once a week. Especially in today’s fast-paced and ever-so-connected world with a culture of constant hustle, it is more important than ever to prioritise self-care and living in the moment.

So, whether it’s setting aside a few moments for quiet meditation, a relaxing massage or a mani-pedi, taking a long walk in nature, or simply taking the time to do some skincare every night, being in tune with my inner self is what self care means to me. Also, spontaneously dancing to the tunes of AP Dhillon is my go-to way to destress after a long work day.”

H!: What beauty advice would you give your thirteen year old self?

MC: “Use sunscreen and stop frying your hair with heating tools, you’re definitely overdoing it!”

H!: What is the best beauty/makeup hack you have ever learned? 

MC: “One secret that stuck with me over the years is skipping primer and using moisturiser instead as the base of my make-up. Primer isn’t too helpful for dry skin girlies like me because it kind of just sits on your face and creates a tacky layer between your skin and the make-up. This makes it look cakey and heavy, and nobody wants that.

Another tip that Kaushal Beauty shared with me a few years ago was to make sure to apply a setting spray after every step of the make-up routine, so that your skin doesn’t look dry or cakey and also lasts longer. I loved that hack because spraying a light mist of setting spray after each step and locking the make-up in, not only helps to set your cream products in place, but it also enhances the overall finish of your look. And for dry skin like mine, this technique keeps my skin hydrated and crease-free throughout the day.”

H!: Tell us a little about how you created the Sita Ramam beauty look for us, and what was your favourite part of the process?

MC: “What drew me to Mrunal Thakur’s ethereal beauty look from Sita Ramam was its minimalist approach with the dewy skin, the ‘no-makeup’ makeup and a flushed, hydrated base. It gave a ‘your skin but better’ sort of a vibe, you know?

For the look, I kept it pretty simple and used very little foundation, did some spot concealing here and there, and finished off the look with loads of blush and some light bronzing to add warmth to my face. For the eyes, I drew on the liner with a brown eyeshadow to add that soft glam touch. My favourite part of the beauty look was definitely the bindi; it made the outfit, the make-up and everything come together beautifully in the end.”