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3 Style Influencers On Their Wardrobe Essentials And More

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Noor Anand Chawla

Instagram’s favourite style mavens — Orvana Ghai, Tarini Manchanda and Sakshi Sindwani — open up to HELLO! about their fashionmantras, wardrobe essentials and what makes them tick in this overly competitive industry.

Style is a means to declare who you are without words — a statement that holds true for some of Instagram’s most favourite fashionistas, Orvana Ghai, Tarini Manchanda and Sakshi Sindwani. Their impeccable taste in clothing, beautifully designed profile feeds and authentic and accessible approach to every situation in life has endeared them to millions of followers, including noteworthy players of the fashion industry in India and around the world.

Even as the world follows their every move, one wonders what makes them tick in this overly competitive industry. Is it perhaps their innate confidence before the camera and behind it? Their uncanny ability to judge the sartorial choices that best suit them and others? Or is it the authenticity and humility that shines through in every photo and video they share? HELLO! speaks with the style mavens to find out.

Orvana Ghai

Orvana Ghai©HELLO! India

Wardrobe courtesy: Matsya

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as is evident in the case of content creator Orvana Ghai, daughter of popular TV actor Kavita Ghai.

“Growing up, there wasn’t a day where I didn’t see my mom dressed head to toe in the perfect outfit, with her hair, jewellery and everything else on point,” she explains. “I’d look at her and ask whether she was going somewhere and her reply would always be, ‘I dress for myself, not for the world’. That’s become my mantra, too!”

A born stylista she may be, but Orvana stepped into the domain of content creation roughly eight years ago by starting a blog with three friends. She embarked on her own TV acting career simultaneously and learnt to juggle both.

“I’d create content during breaks on set. Everyone on a set is a good photographer or videographer, and the lighting’s always perfect. It was so much fun!” she shares. “That’s when I realised I loved doing this because I could unapologetically be myself while creating content. So I decided that this was what made me truly happy. I’ve been doing it full time ever since.”

Her casual go-to look is a pair of comfy pyjamas and an oversized T-shirt, with her hair up in a bun. But Orvana loves going all-out glamorous for the red carpet in something blingy and/or monochrome. However, the one thing she never compromises on is confidence, her favourite accessory to each of her outfits.

“Style must-haves differ from person to person. So I believe having great confidence in whatever you’re wearing is the only universal must-have. It’s a game changer! I could walk out of my house in a trash bag and make it look like couture if I wore it with confidence. It’s all about that happy glow. A good fragrance helps, too. So be confident, feel happy and always smell good!”

Tarini Manchanda

Style Influencer Tarini Manchanda©HelloIndia

This petite beauty knows how to pack a punch. Ever since her days working for one of India’s leading digital marketing companies, her knowledge of digital mediums has been strong. So when Tarini Manchanda decided to go down the path of being a content creator, there was no doubt she’d succeed. However, with a level head on her shoulders, she hasn’t let this quick rise to fame get to her.

“I’ve been unknowingly creating content all my life. I’ve always loved taking pictures of myself, my friends, outfits and corners that have meant something to me and my life,” she explains. “But content creation as a career happened out of the blue during the lockdown, when I started posting more regularly. It led to brands approaching me commercially. That’s when I realised there’s an actual career here!”

Tarini is also an entrepreneur who runs a personalised gifting service, The Initial Studio, a business into which she pours her heart and soul. And despite her numerous commitments, she’s stylish every step of the way, ensuring she stays true to her philosophy for work and life: “Style is inherent; It comes naturally and is who you are. It has nothing to do with what you buy and everything to do with how you wear it.”

Tarini describes her wardrobe essentials as elevated basics, which include a pair of well-fitted denim jeans, a white tank top, gold accessories, a trusty handbag and nude heels. Whether out and about running errands, on a shoot, at a work event, or out for a glam evening, the one formula she swears by is wearing co-ordinated sets.

“My go-to look right now has to be co-ord sets of all kinds, including sweatpants and sweatshirts. For a red carpet look, too, I love a good pantsuit,” she shares. “People think it’s harder to style co-ordinated sets, but it’s the easiest thing. It’s a one-and-done outfit that looks like you’ve put so much effort into, when you actually haven’t!”

Sakshi Sindwani

Fashion Influencer Sakshi Sindwani©HELLO! India

Wardrobe courtesy: Matsya

Whether it’s on Instagram, the ramp, magazines, billboards or other forms of mainstream media, Sakshi Sindwani — aka @stylemeupwithsakshi — is everywhere. And with good reason! This content creator, model, entrepreneur and advocate for body positivity can be credited, to a large extent, with changing the way the fashion industry in India perceives women who don’t fit into traditional size moulds. Most impressively, Sakshi effectuated this change with an elan that not many of her age possess.

“Style has always been a very strong form of expression for me, almost like freedom because it allowed me to express how I felt and what I wanted to portray. It also helped me break stereotypes and biases. It’s been liberating and therapeutic,” she smiles. “Though my style has changed over the years, it’s also remained the same with respect to certain fundamentals. I’m always trying something new and different, depending on how best I can show my main-character energy for that particular day.”

Drawn to YouTube from a young age as being the most inclusive form of media, Sakshi launched her own channel in her final year at college. Though it wasn’t till she started creating content on Instagram that she made it big.

Ask about her style mantra and pat comes the response: “I dress as though I’m getting clicked all the time. If I’m wearing an oversized outfit, I make sure it’s entirely fashionable. Even if I’m headed out for just a movie, I would not leave home in my pyjamas. And if I were to go in my pyjamas, it would be like a Carrie Bradshaw moment in Sex and The City, with PJs, Uggs and a silver beanie!”

Oversized tailored blazers, well-fitted high-waisted trousers, colour-blocked shirts, interesting waist belts, white sneakers and comfortable pumps are her go-to style pieces, and one often sees her in a variety of these staples. On the red carpet, Sakshi loves being experimental, describing the process of putting each look together as “playing a different character every time”.

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