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Fashion And Beauty With A Cause: 8 Influencers That Inspire The World With Their Style

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Fashion has created an undeniable large platform for everyone. While some believe in focusing on their goals and achievements, there are a few influencers who inspire the world to do the same. Going beyond being a fashion influencer, is a task not all can take. But there are a few influencers who are using their platform for the greater good.

Fashion And Beauty Influencers

From Masoom Minawala promoting Indian designers and handloom her social media platform during the pandemic to Olivia Perez teaming up with Nike to bring awareness towards fighting against hunger, Influencers are using their highly followed social media to do more than the basics.

Masoom Minawala Mehta @masoomminawala

One of India’s leading fashion influencers, Masoom Minawala Mehta is more than just her aesthetically perfect Instagram feed. Building a platform for herself from scratch, Masoom inspires us with her hard work and determination not only for the fashion industry but also towards great causes. Putting India on a global platform for Influencers, Masoom encourages her followers to dream big and achieve all their career as well as personal goals without hesitating. Often seen promoting and supporting Indian designers and handloom, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Masoom was actively promoting online leads and resources to anyone who needed it. An inspiration to many, Masoom has brought in a whole new perspective on how people all over the world see Indian handloom and Fashion.

Scherezade Shroff Talwar @sherryshroff

Lifestyle and Fashion Influencer, Scherezade ‘Sherry’ Shroff brings in all the joy you need for your Instagram feed. From giving us some essential DIY tricks to showing us some cute snaps of her adorable dog, Mars, Sherry always brings in the wholesome package. Being a pet parent to this charming indie, Sherry is a vocal advocate for #AdoptDontShop. With her 253K followers, she is often seen sharing adoption posts on her Instagram as well as sharing information on what people need to know before adopting a pet on YouTube, Sherry truly believes in and supports Animal Welfare.

Habiba Da Silva @lifelongpercussion 

Habiba Da Silva’s unique style and mesmerising personality are what makes her stand out from the rest. While she blesses us with some stunning looks on her Instagram, Habiba also owns a line of inclusive hijabs for women of all skin tones. She wanted to create Hijabs that were perfect for all skin tones and not just for fair women, which most brands tend to do.

Aditi Mayer @aditimayer

Fashion has a huge and direct impact on our environment, which is something that has to be taken under consideration due to the growing global warming. Sustainable fashion is the absolute need for the hour and Aditi Mayer is one such influencer who shows us how to do it the right way. Aditi Mayer is an ardent advocate for climate change and sustainable fashion. She believes connecting the threads of nature to fashion is the ultimate way onward and upwards. Her style stands for sustainability while also proudly embracing her south Asian heritage.

Olivia Perez @livvperez

Olivia Perez is a woman who wears many hats. Not only does she have a stunning sense of style, but Olivia Perez is also a businesswoman who is an entrepreneurial activist. A contributor at Forbes, Olivia has co-founded System of Service, a community service that provides opportunities for those in need. Being an inspiration for people all over the world, Olivia proves that one can be more than just a style icon.

Sakshi Sindwani @stylemeupwithsakshi

Sakshi Sindwani has brought in an instrumental change in how we look at curves, especially on social media. With people with the “perfect body” consuming most of the space on social media platforms it tends to create unrealistic body standards which most people feel obliged to confine and give into. With her undeniable charm and unique style, Sakshi urges her 450k followers to love themselves just the way they are. Modelling for many high profile brands and designers, Sakshi is a body-positive trailblazer for this generation.

Alok Menon @alokvmenon

An author, performer and fashion icon, Alok Menon is someone many people look up to. Being a vocal voice for the South Asian American queer communities, Alok often focuses on creating a conversation not only about body-positive but also around the concept of gender non-conformity. They aim to create a much more positive space for normalising body hair and not give in to the concept of basic gender norms through their fashion.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah @prableenkaurbhomrah

Beauty Influencers are expected to have glowing natural skin at all times, which is nowhere near reality. Many beauty gurus also have their own sets of skin problems they are dealing with behind the screen. Being vocal about those problems might not be as easy as it sounds but one such Influencer is changing the way we look at acne. One of India’s leading skin positive influencers, Prableen Kaur Bhomrah has used her platform to promote acne positive content and focus on creating a safe space for people who are going through breakouts. As she shares her experiences and PCOS journey with her 178k followers, she helps everyone accept and love their true skin.