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7 Bollywood Movies Inspired By Real-Life Indian Royals

Bollywood movies are no stranger to glamour and grandeur. With elaborate sets and costumes being commonplace in most movies, it’s no surprise that filmmakers gravitate towards royals and their extraordinary lives for inspiration. Our history is rich with royals with life stories that seem straight out of a particularly entertaining period drama or

From Kareena Kapoor To Riddhima Sahni, Who Wore What To Alia Bhatt’s Mehendi

After years of speculations, the big day is finally here: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have officially taken the first step to bind themselves together in holy matrimony. Given that celebrity weddings are something of a national event in India, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay updated with the latest happenings as the pre-wedding festivities

Here’s What Your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities Like To Eat On Their Cheat Days

It might not be evident from their sculpted physiques and hours spent in front of the camera with the world scrutinising each and every supposed flaw, but celebrities love to indulge in decadent and ‘unhealthy’ treats once in a while. From Ranveer Singh’s repeated declaration for his love of Nutella, to Sonam Kapoor’s extensive knowledge of every n