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Unveiling Trends In Fashion, Beauty, Wellness and Food For 2024

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Jeena J Billimoria

Don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for 2024 to get here already! As we anticipate the new year and all that it promises to bring with itself, HELLO! brings you a sneak peek into tomorrow’s lifestyles by those in the know, unveiling trends in fashion, beauty, wellness and food for the upcoming year.

Fashion And Beauty: High-waisted jeans, drop waist dresses are back!

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“I’m more one to follow classic trends that are elegant and sophisticated. I think metallics are always a trend; greys and blues are the colours of 2024… I’m crushing on high-waisted and wide-legged jeans. It’s something I love to wear almost every day.”

— Michelle Poonawalla, entrepreneur and artist

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“Drop waist dresses are going to be big soon from what I gauge, along with lots of sheer. Cherry leather (shoes, especially) is my new neutral. Also, roses! There’s roses on everything right now and I love it!”

— Sonam Babani, luxury influencer, also known as the Fashioneiress 

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“Denim everything, and metallics are here to stay. I’m also obsessed with sunny shades of yellow. Sheer seems to be a trend that won’t quit, along with oversized and opulent bows. I’m currently crushing on everything Chanel from their latest collection, 24C which just launched. It’s bold, energetic and playful.”

— Sanya Jain, fashion designer and entrepreneur

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“I’m currently crushing on the strawberry cheeks. I don’t know if that’s a new trend but I am into anything dewy, I like make-up that looks natural and I like to be able to see real skin through it with its pores and textures and freckles! I think the ‘no make-up’ look is here to stay. Effortless, clean, fresh!”

— Tarini Manchanda, fashion influencer

Health, Wellness, Fitness: Leading a clean, quality lifestyle


“People are picking up sports as part of their fitness routines and it’s good that we are getting up and out. Led light therapy face masks are great for at home pick-me-ups for your skin; 5-10 minutes is all it takes. They address a host of issues like fine lines, redness, kill acne causing bacteria and boost collagen. I recommend Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite, as it has both the red and blue LED’s.”

— Petals Deas, fashion stylist and consultant

“An increased focus on mental health and how to cope with loneliness, depression and severe anxiety. My preferred wellness trend is intermittent fasting. The market for managing losing weight globally is on a remarkable trajectory, with projections indicating it will exceed US$377.3 billion by 2026!”

— Dildeep Kalra, director of Massive Restaurants

“I’d like to see more emphasis on recovery-driven fitness, where one can track and customise one’s workouts according to how one’s body responds to sleep, alcohol and food. Benefits include increased mobility, increased range of motion, better posture, better quality of movement, reduced soreness. As for a trend — women who lift! Social media has helped in breaking the stigma around women lifting weights.”

— Alyssa Chesson, founder of Bono Boutique Ice-Cream

Food: What makes the world go round

“After the wave of Chinese and Japanese, Korean food is really going to have its moment with authentic restaurants coming up in India. I want to see plant-based foods making it to more menus and kitchens. Without making full dishes vegan, I believe restaurants can reduce the amount of animal ingredients used and make them more accessible to people of all dietary needs. This movement has already had its moment in the West and I hope 2024 is the year for it to come to India!”

— Shraddha Bhansali, founder of Evo Foods

“This year, I took millets quite seriously after the UN declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets. My top pick is barnyard millet; super easy on the stomach, packed with fibre and nutrients and a great rice substitute. Another favourite of mine is the single-clove Himalayan garlic; I love tossing it into various dishes for that extra flavour and health boost. In 2024, I’m excited to witness Indians embracing health and wellness. The shift towards more conscious choices is gaining momentum and I hope to see people embracing indigenous foods — fresh and locally produced.”

— Shagun Khanna, wellness and beauty influencer

“I’m a big seafood lover; I would love it if we saw vegan fish introduced in 2024, I’m not sure how it would taste though. I’m currently also loving these so-called grazing tables, where you can pick from various different flavours of cheese, cold cuts and other finger food.”

— Arjun Kilachand, fashion designer