Glasses-Shaped Eye Make-Up

Have You Heard About Glasses-Shaped Eye Make-Up?

Ask any professional make-up artist and they’ll tell you that eye make-up can transform your face. But for people who wear glasses, achieving those bold, fierce eyes can be a lot trickier. We’re not just talking about the fact that most make-up wouldn’t show behind glasses but also the fact that may times products transfer on to your glasses, ruini

8 Must-Have Beauty Products That Can Help You Beat This Heatwave Like A Pro

As we step into summer, the sudden heatwave is causing everyone major despair. And since summer is the best time to be out in the sun and enjoy some warmth, it goes without saying that the rising temperatures are dampening everyone’s plans. But, foiled plans aside, what needs immediate attention is protecting our skin from the susequent damage that

From Priyanka Chopra’s Favourite Rose Gold Mask To Caramel Popcorn Bodycare: 5 Beauty Launches To Add To Cart This Month

So you apply sunscreen diligently before stepping out, double cleanse at night and moisturise before turning in to bed, but feel like the fun is missing from your routine? After two years spent indoors, it is justifiable to add that spark back to your skincare and beauty choices. Good news comes in the form of a slew of exciting new launches that a

Forget Basic Nail Art, Here Are Some Fun Yet Elegant Looks That Every Bride Needs To Try

Many women choose to take the classic and simple route when it comes to their wedding nails. Let’s be honest, classic french tips are every bride’s go-to nail style for the big day. But, it’s time to spice things up. While sticking to safe, not-too-loud talons might be the best bet considering every bride’s closet is filled with a range of colours

8 Influencers That Inspire The World With Their Style

Fashion has created an undeniable large platform for everyone. While some believe in focusing on their goals and achievements, there are a few influencers who inspire the world to do the same. Going beyond being a fashion influencer, is a task not all can take. But there are a few influencers who are using their platform for the greater good. From

How To Shop For Beauty Brands That Support The Same Causes That You Do

Social activism was once considered the remit of placard-wielding activists, but we now know that changing the world isn’t an impossible task—each one of us can contribute towards making the world a better place by simply choosing to become more conscious with our choices. And if you are looking for newer ways to support the causes that you are pas