rockstar gf makeup

A Guide To Nailing The ‘Rockstar Girlfriend’ Make-Up Trend

As the new year blooms and the echoes of Daisy Jones & the Six from 2023 still resonate, a new beauty trend is stealing the spotlight—rockstar girlfriend glam. Forget the misconception that you need a backstage pass or a guitarist on speed dial; this grunge-inspired make-up look is all about channeling your inner rockstar. So, let’s explore the nua

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Here’s How To Achieve The Victoria’s Secret Angel Make-Up Look

Iconic trends from the past have a knack for making a comeback in the beauty community—look at skinny brows, blue eyeshadow and the brown lip liner-lip gloss combo, for instance. One such revival that has taken the internet by storm is the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angel make-up look. Remember those days when we marvelled at the ethereal glow and su