Jungkook’s Debut Solo Single, ‘Seven’© GettyImages

Will Han So-hee Feature In Jungkook’s Debut Solo Single, ‘Seven’?

In a recent turn of events, the anticipation surrounding BTS member Jungkook’s highly-awaited debut solo single, titled ‘Seven,’ has reached unprecedented heights. Rumours have been swirling that Korean actress Han So-hee may make a special appearance in the music video, fueling excitement among fans and music enthusiasts alike. While there has been no official confirmation from BTS‘ management agency, a close acquaintance of the actress has revealed a juicy hint about her possible involvement.

According to an insider who had a chance encounter with Han So-hee in Paris, the actress expressed her excitement and nerves about the impending release of the music video alongside Jungkook next week. Although the insider claims to possess a video recording of their conversation, they have chosen to respect the privacy of the actress by refraining from sharing it online. The revelation has sent fans into a frenzy, eagerly speculating about the potential on-screen chemistry between Han So Hee and Jungkook.

Han So-hee, known for her captivating performances in popular dramas such as Nevertheless and My Name, is no stranger to capturing hearts with her undeniable talent. If the rumours hold true, her collaboration with Jungkook in ‘Seven’ is expected to set screens ablaze. With her versatile acting skills and magnetic presence, Han So-hee seems poised to portray the love interest of Jungkook in what promises to be a visual experience like no other.

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook has previously engaged in notable collaborations, but ‘Seven’ marks his much-anticipated digital solo debut. Described as an “invigorating summer song,” this track is just one of the exciting projects in store for the talented K-pop idol. Last year, Jungkook enthralled audiences with his collaboration on the 2022 FIFA World Cup anthem ‘Dreamers’ alongside Fahad Al Kubaisi. Furthermore, his remarkable performance of the hit track ‘Left and Right’ with Charlie Puth had fans swooning.

Scheduled for release on July 14, ‘Seven’ has already generated immense buzz among fans who eagerly await Jungkook’s solo venture. Recently, the artist set social media ablaze with his shirtless concept photos for the single, donning an open blazer that showcased his sculpted abs, accentuated by an array of silver chains. These tantalising glimpses have further amplified the anticipation surrounding his solo debut.

Following multiple reports suggesting that Han So-hee will be featured in this single, BigHit Music, the agency representing BTS, responded to the rumours. In a statement, BigHit addressed the speculation and stated that it is challenging to confirm the actress’ involvement in Jungkook’s solo music video. Similarly, Han So-hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, also released a statement expressing, “It is difficult to confirm whether Han So-hee will appear in Jungkook’s music video,” further building on the already-burgeoning suspense.

The reports emerged after Korean news outlet OSEN disclosed that Han So-hee had reportedly filmed scenes for the music video in Los Angeles last month before returning to South Korea. However, both agencies have refrained from providing concrete confirmation about the actress’s participation.

As speculations continue to circulate regarding Han So-hee’s involvement, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates and details about the music video for ‘Seven.’ The excitement surrounding Jungkook’s debut solo venture remains palpable, with fans eagerly counting down the days until the song’s release.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee is gearing up to grace the screen alongside esteemed actors Park Seo Joon, Soo Hyun, and Wi Ha Joon in the upcoming K-drama Gyeongseong Creature. Set in the spring of 1945, the web series is slated to premiere on Netflix during the fourth quarter of 2023, although an official release date is yet to be announced.