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K-pop star Chaeyoung

Yikes! Twice’s Chaeyoung Spotted Wearing A Swastika T-Shirt

K-pop star Chaeyoung has found herself in hot water after fans noticed her wearing a TShirt with a Swastika symbol on it. One of the nine members of popular girl group Twice, Chaeyoung had uploaded a photo on Instagram where she could be seen wearing a T-shirt depicting controversial figure Sex Pistol bassist Sid Vicious sporting the hateful Nazi s

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12 K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Amazing Actors

While selling out stadiums and having millions of fans across the world belt out your songs at the drop of a hat comes like second nature to these K-pop idols, some of our favourites are also adept at stealing the show in TV shows and movies as actors. It’s not news that K-pop idols are amazingly talented in a lot of fields, be it dancing, singing,

Kim Namjoon of BTS

7 Books That Kim Namjoon Of BTS Loves (And Recommends)

One of the reasons behind Korean supergroup BTS’ unparalleled success and ascent to the top is the group’s brilliant and astute leader Kim Namjoon, or RM, who is, and there’s no other word for it, a genius. Not only does the rapper have an IQ of 148, putting him in the one per cent of Koreans with that high of a number on the IQ scale, RM is fluent

6 Incredible Songs By BTS That You Must Add To Your Playlist

BTS has taken over the international music scene. With a huge, growing fan base that is all over the world, the Korean group has no intentions of slowing down. Starting off as a hip-hop group, BTS slowly found their rhythm and experimented with various genres of music, encouraging people to see them as more than just a K-Pop group. In 2020, BTS rel