Campaign Photo of Jungkook's 'Seven'© Big Hit Music

Here’s What We Know About Jungkook’s Solo Single ‘Seven’

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Ever since BTS announced their hiatus from group activities on their ninth anniversary, we’ve been treated, nay blessed, with solo projects from each of the seven members, including full studio albums by RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin, and chart topping collaborations with other artists like Coldplay and Charlie Puth. Now, the youngest member of the group Jungkook is preparing to release his own single on July 14, 2023.

Jungkook’s first global solo track ‘Seven’ was announced recently, predictably sending the Internet into meltdown. The campaign photos and teasers for the song were also shared by Big Hit on Thursday which only raised the expectations of fans worldwide.

The set of photos give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the track which, according to the official statement will be a “fun Summer song that exudes Jungkook’s unique charm”.

The singer’s “unique charm”, as it turns out, is to look smoulderingly into the camera as ARMYs around the world questions their existence. In one of the photos, Jungkook is seen in a sports coat, sans shirt, with his famed washboard abs on display.

In others, he can be seen wearing a white T-shirt and jeans with his full sleeve of tattoos on display.

Along with the photos, there was also a 17-second teaser that gave us a hint of what we can expect from Jungkook’s ‘Seven’.

The single could serve as a precursor to a full-length album, which he confirmed to be working on during an impromptu Live session with fans. The singer was also seen recording something in a studio in L.A, setting off reports of a possible collab with Justin Bieber.

Ahead of the song’s release, the artist released two longtime fan favourite tracks, ‘Still With You’ and ‘My You’ on streaming platforms and promptly surpassed all K-pop acts, including BTS, to become the fastest Korean artist to reach 1.2 Billion streams on Spotify.