Malay food in Bengaluru

Experience Authentic Malay Cuisine at The Oberoi, Bengaluru

Malay cuisine can be best described as a melting pot of flavours borrowed from India, China, Middle East and some European countries surrounding the Malay Archipelago. From the tantalising laksa to the soulful curry roti—as delicious as authentic Malay food is, it’s equally hard to find in India. However, The Oberoi, Bengaluru has brought forth an

Masque, Mumbai

‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ List Has A Surprise For Indians

Over the past few years, India has made an indelible mark on the global fine dining scene. From Indian Michelin-starred chefs opening successful restaurants overseas to discovering the rich vibrancy of Indian cuisine on an international scale, the Indian food industry has been making the country proud and how! Three Indian restaurants were added to

Still from 'Emily In Paris'

5 Restaurants From ‘Emily In Paris’ That You Can Visit IRL

Paris is known for many things, like fashion, food, culture, and being the subject of a cheesy Netflix show that you tell people you hate-watch but lowkey stan. The latter, Emily In Paris, is a show which follows the (mis)adventures of the titular Emily as she navigates life in Paris after being relocated for work. One of the perks of working in th