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Indian Food Ranks Fifth In ‘World’s Best Cuisines’ List

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

With how diverse and rich our food culture is, it’s hardly surprising that it has made its way to the top of the lists of cuisines across the world.

Experiential travel guide TasteAtlas recently unveiled its list of ‘World’s Best Cuisines’ of the year, and India found a place on the fifth spot.

According to the guide, the rankings are based on audience votes on food and beverages. India managed to garner 4.5 points (or stars) out of five.

Some of the most popular dishes from the country were tandoori dishes, roti, naan, chutney, biryani, dal, butter chicken, and paratha. Food items like garam masala, ghee, paneer, Basmati rice, and bhut jolokia chillis also got the top votes. In drinks, lassi, Darjeeling tea, South India filter coffee, masala chai, jaljeera, and thandai were some of the top winners.

Italian cuisine earned the top spot on the list, with Greece, Spain, and Japan preceding India at its fifth spot. Mexico, Turkey, United States, France, and Peru followed India in the Top 10 list.

People on the Internet, predictably, have a lot to say about the rankings, with many questioning US’ place on the Top 10 list. “What is American cuisine? Oreo?” wrote one user, while others argued about why their country’s cuisine is better than the ones placed on top.

What do you think of the list?