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Interior Architect Anjaleka Kripalani interview

Anjaleka Kripalani On The Interiors Landscape In India

HELLO! talks to interior architect and home décor genius, Anjaleka Kripalani, about her style of work, the trends ruling the market and what to expect in India’s evolving design space. HELLO!: Tell us about your journey in the world of interiors.

Designer Akanksha Deo Sharma

Akanksha Deo Sharma On Being The Only Indian Designer At Ikea

An industrial designer, textile innovator and visual artist, Akanksha Deo Sharma has a refreshing candour that rubs off on you. Be it her affable nature, unbridled love for design or how she perceives the craft as a powerful tool for self-expression and change, there’s a certain zeal to how Sharma sustains serendipitous beginnings. READ: Celebrity

interior designer Farah Ahmed Mathias

Farah Ahmed Mathias’ Bengaluru Home, Tofa, Is A True Gift Of Architecture

Elegant and inviting, interior designer Farah Ahmed Mathias’ home is the embodiment of a warm hug, swathed in pleasant pastels, awash with light, breeze and positive vibes. Once her husband Torun’s ancestral house, it’s called the ‘Tofa’ home after their names, an amalgam of all their favourite things. The old and the new, the modern and the coloni