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Yikes! Your Poolside Margarita Can Hurt You Really Badly

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

A margarita by the poolside might sound like heaven at the moment but, like most things in 2023, the Internet is here to ruin that for you as well. Turns out, a seemingly harmless glass of margarita can cause more harm than just a killer hangover.

Margarita burns, or phytophotodermatitis (in proper science-y terms), can occur when sun’s harmful UV rays and certain vegetables or fruits (like limes, in this case) come in contact on your skin.

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Before you panic and cancel that weekend pool party that you and your friends have been planning for ages, take a look at what it exactly means and if it can be prevented or not…

What is a margarita burn?

If you’re out in the sun for a long time, or have been sitting next to a glass window on a sunny day, and lime juice drips on your skin, you could develop a skin reaction that worsens on skin that’s wet or sweaty. This reaction often presents itself in the form of second-degree burns and itchy rashes. This can also happen if you’re dealing with eats and drinks like mojitos or guacamole.

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What exactly happens if you get a margarita burn?

Typically, a margarita burn starts as a rash that forms within 24 hours of exposure. This rash can grow into a cluster of blisters that can be painful after a day or two.

What should you do if you get a margarita burn?

Ideally, you should rush to a doctor once you start noticing the symptoms. Usually, the condition clears up on its own but there are cases where it develops into severe blistering and could land you in the hospital for a long time.

The degree of photosensitivity depends on the amount of juice spilled on skin and its concentration.

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How can you avoid getting a margarita burn?

Once again, sunscreen emerges as the hero of the day. Liberally apply sunscreen on your skin if poolside margaritas are a non-negotiable part of your vacay plans.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat or long sleeves and pants that cover your legs if you’re especially sensitive to the sun. It’s also advised that you should wash your hands thoroughly after making margaritas. But that should go without saying!

Consult your dermatologist in case you have any more questions about the phenomenon and stay safe while having fun!