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I Don’t Go Anywhere Without My Sunscreen: Ahsaas Channa

You know Ahsaas Channa from a lot of things. As a child actor, she played the role of Ashu and Arjun in movies like My Friend Ganesha and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, respectively. More recently, the actor has been taking on roles in web series like Hostel Daze, Kota Factory, Modern Love Mumbai and Mismatched 2. So, it’s fair to say that Ahsaas has been sitting in a make-up chair ever since she was a four year old. Recently, the 25-year-old decided to #BareTheRare with us, as she took off her make-up and got candid and honest about how she manages her skin. Read on, as Channa talks about how prolonged use of make-up has now made her obsessed with skincare and how she believes firmly in the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

Ahsaas Channa spills her skincare secrets

HELLO!: While both remain compulsive parts of your life, what are you more interested in? Skincare or make-up?

Ahsaas Channa: “Honestly, I was obsessed with make-up for the longest time because I started working at a very young age, so I was always in a make-up chair. And I was very fascinated with all the products. But, I wasn’t introduced to skincare much later in life. In fact, I was already 18 or 19 by the time I understood how important it was… how important sunscreens are! And now, I am in a place where I love skincare more than I love make-up for sure!

I love buying a lot of cosmetics in general, but I find that I don’t end up putting a lot of make-up. However, I use my skincare products to the point that now I have multiples and back-ups of everything. In fact, I had to tell my dermatologist that you please don’t prescribe any more products, instead tell me how to make use of the ones I already have.

I was really worried about the outcome of me ignoring using sunscreen for so many years of my life. But now it’s like, I can’t leave the house without sunscreen. In fact, even when I am home, I make sure to put it on at least once in the day, even if the windows are closed!”

H!: What sunscreen are you currently using?

AC: “I use the Dot & Key sunscreen, because it’s very lightweight. I want something not greasy because I have very sensitive skin. I used to wear the Cetaphil sunscreen earlier and it used to really show on my skin. But the Dot & Key one doesn’t at all and it’s been my staple for a while.”

H!: Like you said, you’ve been wearing makeup from a very young age in your life. Has this affected your skin in any way?

AC: “I was very aware of the fact that I was in a make-up chair at a very young age, I grew up wearing it. So, when I was introduced to skincare, I realised how important it is for young actors, especially, to take care of their skin. And I honestly feel like you can take care of your skin enough, not just from the outside but also from within, by watching what you’re putting in your body.

So now, I am in a place where I am really happy with the way my skin looks. Little imperfections will always be there, and they should be embraced. But, I feel like in general, I like the texture of my skin and it’s not that damaged. But, I will always remember that this is a result of me taking care of my skin, eating the right things, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, wearing sunscreen and always taking my make-up off before bed!”

H!: What are some food items that you should avoid to help take care of your skin?

AC: “I’ve been off sugar completely for almost a year now and that’s something that has really shown results on my skin. I feel like even if you cut off 80% of the sugar from your life, it will make a huge difference. And I mean, processed sugar, not natural sugar. But besides that, I’ve only tried cutting down on maida, oily food and junk food. Basically, anything in excess is bad not just for your skin, but your body, in general.

Even coffee, for that matter! I was somebody who used to drink seven cups a day and that triggered a lot of anxiety for me. And even though I didn’t specifically cut it down for my skin, I saw that it made a big difference for its overall health. So yeah, I’d say try and cut down on coffee and sugar.”

H!: Can you take us through your daily AM/PM skincare routine?

AC: “I start by washing my face and then I dip my face in ice-cold water. It calms my nerves and it’s great for your skin in general. But I always wake up with a puffy face, no matter how much I sleep or what I do. So, I always have to dip my face in water to depuff. Then, I just apply moisturiser and then sunscreen, that’s it. I feel like when it comes to skincare, l believe in the ‘less is more’ philosophy and I have been advised the same by my dermatologist. Only two things are important when it comes to your skincare, your moisturiser and your sunscreen. That’s all you do, you’re good. Unless you have specific issues you’re dealing with, I don’t think I require an eight or nine-step skincare routine.

I usually carry a face mist and sunscreen with me, so I can reapply throughout the day. And at night, I have a slightly more elaborate routine. I have to first always take my make-up off, then I use a cleanser, followed by a toner and then a serum. Then I go in with a moisturiser and I follow it up with a balm that I have to treat the dry skin around my nose. And I finish up with a lip balm. I exfoliate once a week.”

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H!: Name 3 of your holy grail make-up products…

AC: “A mascara. I feel like even if you don’t apply any make-up besides curling your lashes and applying a mascara, you’re good to go. The other two would be a blush and a lip tint, and this is my everyday makeup routine also. I usually only apply a moisturiser, sunscreen, mascara on curled lashes, some blush and a lip tint.”

H!: Do you use any home remedies or DIY masks?

AC: “I do a lot of besan ka lep. I take some besan (gram flour), milk, honey and haldi and that’s my DIY mask. It really helps and I’ve been using this mask since I was very little. I remember my mom using this remedy on my hands to help with detanning. In fact, to this date, my mom still says, ‘You have very sensitive skin and you should not be applying anything to it. Don’t touch it unnecessarily or experiment with skincare too much.’ She only trusted this remedy for my arms and elbows. But, I’ve seen great results when I apply it to my face also.

H!: Mom knows best! But can you share some of the best makeup or skincare tips you have received from the industry?

AC: “My mom is vary of skincare when it comes to me, so she gets very anxious if I decide to get any kind of treatment, be it a massage or a clean up—and I find it very cute. So, her advice to me has always been less is more.

However, my make-up artist of two years, Ritika Turakhia, has told me to not use make-up wipes, and use cleansing balms instead. This practice is not only environmentally friendly, but also a balm is stronger than a face wipe when it comes to taking off make-up, because sleeping with any of it on is a big no-no. Her other tip to me has also been to never wear any kind of make-up to the gym.”

H!: And lastly, what kind of fragrances do you prefer? What are you using currently?

AC: I’m a huge perfume maniac! I have way too many perfumes. Any fragrance that is a little musky and floral is my thing. Currently, I’m using two perfumes: the Jo Malone Poppy and Barley and the Le Labo Santal 33. I have over 25 perfumes and my dream is to have an entire closet full of them.