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Aura Nails Are Here To Bring In Some Good Energy

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

A wellness trend that has taken over western culture, Aura photography is a trend that we are seeing quite often on social media. As fancy as it sounds, Aura photography is all about capturing a person’s energy through photographs, through a process where the model keeps their palms on a pair of metal plates that are connected to a special camera. Then, when the pictures are clicked, the metal plates send the person’s energy to the camera, which helps create a soft wash of colour around the figure.

While this photography trend has helped many people to understand and learn about their energy, it has also inspired one of the most popular nail art trends of the season—aura nails. Much like the pictures, this nail art is all about showcasing your aura in a circular ombré or gradient design with multiple colours. Plus, this fun nail art trend is perfect for the season, especially if you want to bring some vibrance to your manicure.

So, here’s some inspiration for you to cop the trend!

Vibrant Aura

If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from some bold contrasting colours, this nail art look is something you can try this season.

Spring Aura

If you love a good multi-colour manicure, bring in some colourful auras to your nails while striking the perfect balance with a milky base, so that you don’t overpower the aura’s colours.

Aura Bling

Want to bring some bling to your aura nails? Just add some contrasting rhinestones to the mix to create the perfect summer nails that can brighten your day in no time.

Futuristic Y2K Aura

If you love an edgy style but want to add some pastels to your nails, this is the manicure for you. Go for a smokey yet clear acrylic base and add small pastel gradient circles with some graphic white lines for fun yet not too over-the-top nails.

Minimalistic Aura

A soft, minimalistic aura is perfect for anyone who loves to stick to classic whites. Pick a base that matches your natural nails and add a soft, gradient white circle in the centre for an effortlessly chic look.

Sunset Aura

Gloomy June clouds making you miss the sunny Summers? Then the orange and yellow ombré aura is for you. If you feel like taking your manicure up a notch, add some metallic vines.