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Winter Nail Colours

11 Nail Colours That Are Perfect To Usher In The Winter Season

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, there’s one sure-fire way to add a touch of warmth and glamour to the season—through your nails! Bid farewell to the neon hues of summer and dive into the sophisticated and diverse palette that winter brings. From the ever-classic red to the muted charm of sage green, we’ve curated a collection of winte

valentine's day nail trends

9 Nail Trends That Are Perfect For A Valentine’s Day Manicure

Whether you’re the one to love all things romance come Valentine’s Day or the one to cringe at the sight of loved up couples — I think we can all agree that bae or no bae, Valentine’s Day is a great time to give yourself a little extra pampering and TLC. And what better way to spoil yourself than getting a brand new set of nails? So ‘dip your toes’

Christmas Nail Art

Spread That Christmas Spirit With This Cute Nail Art

‘Tis the season for some beautiful manicures! Now that we’re nearing the end of November, it’s safe to say that we can finally start adding some Christmas cheer into our homes and our wardrobes. As you gear up to put up your most decked out Christmas tree and add some much-needed greens and reds to your life, your nails also deserve to spread some

Dirty Martini Nails Trend

Dirty Martini Nails Are All You Need To Survive This Work Week

In need of a serious cocktail to get through the week but don’t want to consume those calories? We’ve got you! This fall, we’re seeing olive (the colour, not the twist in your martini) making the rounds everywhere, especially on the feeds of our favourite nail art enthusiasts. And even though olive makes for a great fall colour, we prefer it in a m

Bridal Nail Art

Forget Basic Nail Art, Here Are Some Fun Yet Elegant Looks That Every Bride Needs To Try

Many women choose to take the classic and simple route when it comes to their wedding nails. Let’s be honest, classic french tips are every bride’s go-to nail style for the big day. But, it’s time to spice things up. While sticking to safe, not-too-loud talons might be the best bet considering every bride’s closet is filled with a range of colours

Feel Like Your Favourite Character By Trying Nail Art Inspired By Your Favourite TV Show

Getting a manicure is one of the most therapeutic activities to do. Now with masks the mandate across the world, people are resorting to expressing themselves through their nails. Not only can you tell a person’s aesthetic by looking at their nails. you can also guess what their current favourite show is. Each show has its unique mood board and bri