Nail Art

Manicurist applying nail polish

Gel, Acrylic Or Regular Polish, What’s Best For Your Nails?

Nowadays, getting your nails to look as perfect as your outfit is an absolute must. With more and more social media influencers and celebrities sharing their love for pampering their talons, figuring out what nail colour or art you’re going to sport on a daily basis is a dilemma that we’re all too familiar with. But, let’s be honest, the daily infl

Nail Art

Lizzo Just Made Mismatched Nails A Thing And We Love Them

Finding the perfect nail artmanicure that suits the vibe of the month can get exhausting. With so many options and ideas to choose from, picking just one is quite hard. With the summers still going strong, vibrant, edgy nails that resonate with all the fun you are having are the need of the hour. And thankfully for us, Lizzo just gave us the nail a

Milky Bath Nails Is The Dreamy Nail Trend You Need This Summer

A dreamy summer nail trend that has gotten approval from our favourite celebrities, milk bath nails is the manicure you need to try this season. A manicure that transforms your nails into the softest and prettiest nails, the milk bath manicure, much like its name, is all about having a base colour, a soft blend of white and baby pink, creating the