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Cat Eye Nails Are Back, Here’s How To Get Them

In the world of nail art trends, one particular style has managed to claw its way back into the spotlight with magnetic allure: cat eye nails. This nostalgic trend, reminiscent of the mesmerising gaze of a feline, has resurged in popularity, casting its spell on manicure enthusiasts everywhere.

What Are Cat Eye Nails?

Cat eye nails, also known as velvet nails, are the epitome of modern nail trends. They embody a fusion of elements – a dash of glitter, a hint of metallic spark and a touch of minimalist luxury. Inspired by the iridescent allure of a cat’s iris, this trend has been embraced by celebrities and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a versatile canvas for creative expression.

How To Get Cat Eye Nails

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you master the art:

Step 1: Prep Your Canvas

Begin by cleaning and prepping your nails, ensuring a smooth surface for the polish. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and allow it to dry completely.

Step 2: Magnetise The Magic

Select your magnetic gel polish in the desired colour and apply a coat to one nail at a time. Work swiftly to maintain the wetness of the polish.

Step 3: Summon The Cat Eye Effect

Immediately after applying the magnetic polish, hold the magnet over the nail without direct contact. Hover it in a circular motion to witness the magnetic particles in the polish create the mesmerising cat eye effect. Repeat this process for each nail, allowing approximately 10 to 15 seconds per nail.

Step 4: Seal it off

Once the cat eye effect is achieved, seal your masterpiece with a shiny top coat. This not only enhances the shine but also ensures longevity for your nail art.

The beauty of cat eye nails lies in their versatility. Whether you opt for a subtle diagonal line or a bold metallic statement, there’s ample room for creativity. Experiment with different colour combinations, textures, and nail shapes to unleash your inner feline flair.

Inspiration For Your Clawed Canvas

From minimalist designs to vibrant colour palettes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to cat eye nails. Channel your inner diva with sleek black cat eye nails or add a pop of colour with vibrant hues. Don’t shy away from mismatched nails or intricate patterns — let your imagination run wild.