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These Viral ‘Naked Nails’ Are Just What You Need To Try Now

Welcome to the summer of 2023, where nail trends have gone wild with creativity and quirkiness! From ‘water nail’ manicures to ‘coquette’ nails, we’ve seen it all. But amidst the vibrant colours and flashy designs, a refreshing trend has emerged – ‘naked nails.’ This daring yet chic trend is all about embracing a stripped-down, minimalist look with

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Bring In Some Warmth In This Gloomy Weather With The Butterfly Manicure

Missing the summer warmth? We’ve got a nail trend that will transport you into a field of flowers and butterflies on a warm sunny day. The butterfly manicure has hopped onto the GenZ-loved butterfly trend as if overloading our life and our wardrobe with butterfly clips was not enough. In true GenZ style, the butterfly manicure is cute, chic, and br

Embrace The Heat This 'Hot Girl Summer' With Some Vibrant Thermal Nails

People around the world are going through the brutal summer heat, but what if we tell you to radiate some of that heat onto your nails? Taking over social media with its vibrant and contrasting colours, the celebrity-approved ‘Thermal Nails’ is the trend you need to rock season. With its abstract design and the bold primary colour concept, you can