Milk Tea Nail Trend

If You’re A ‘Chai’ Fan, These Nails Are Perfect For You

From the Hailey-Bieber-inspired ‘glazed donut’ chrome nails to the barely there ‘naked’ nails, the world of quiet luxury trends has seen it all. But now, we find ourselves steeped in the warm and delightful embrace of the ‘milk-tea’ manicure. This latest sensation draws inspiration from the ever-popular black tea with milk, creating a creamy light

Halloween Nails Art

The Spookiest Nails You Need To Try This Halloween

It’s October, which means that we are just a few days away from Halloween! It’s time to ditch those french tips and glazed nails for something that is fun, eccentric, and matches your vibe for this month. And while you go out and get the best costumes for the night, might we suggest elevating your nail game too! Here are some of our favourite Hallo

Dirty Martini Nails Trend

Dirty Martini Nails Are All You Need To Survive This Work Week

In need of a serious cocktail to get through the week but don’t want to consume those calories? We’ve got you! This fall, we’re seeing olive (the colour, not the twist in your martini) making the rounds everywhere, especially on the feeds of our favourite nail art enthusiasts. And even though olive makes for a great fall colour, we prefer it in a m

Best Nail Looks based on Your Zodiac Sign

These Are The Best Nail Looks To Try According To Your Zodiac Sign

Manicures (the part that involves nail colour and nail art, in particular) are a great way of expressing yourself without going overboard. Every person often opts for nail art that makes them feel comfortable and represents who they truly are. This Summer, if you are planning on making a trip to your favourite nail bar but have no idea what to go f