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Embrace The Heat This ‘Hot Girl Summer’ With Some Vibrant Thermal Nails

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

People around the world are going through the brutal summer heat, but what if we tell you to radiate some of that heat onto your nails? Taking over social media with its vibrant and contrasting colours, the celebrity-approved ‘Thermal Nails’ is the trend you need to rock season. With its abstract design and the bold primary colour concept, you can style the art however you like. So, this summer, embrace the warmth and take the vibrant route with the thermal manicure.

Here are some of our favourite thermal manicure styles that you need on hand for your nail technician.

The Classic Thermal Manicure

The classic thermal nails are here to turn the heat up, especially if you have a black light in sight. The vibrant colours are perfect if you want to take the bold route this season.

Hot French Tips

Want to make the thermal nails even more fun? Switch them up with some classic french tips! Thermal french tips will let you have some fun with your nails without being extra loud.

Pastel Heat Waves

Not a fan of vibrant colours? You can add an element of softness with a pastel pink base while still bringing in the thermal heat.

Thermal Ombré

A true piece of art, thermal ombré nails bring in a whole new twist with their cool gradient base and black outlined french tips.