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Decoding The Resurgence Of The ‘Scene Queen’ Aesthetic

Fashion and beauty trends often come full circle, and the return of the ‘scene queen’ aesthetic is proof of this. Once synonymous with MySpace and the early 2000s, scene queens are now reclaiming the spotlight, thanks to a new generation of influencers on TikTok. Let’s take a colorful journey through the evolution of scene queen beauty, from its origins to its modern-day resurgence.

What Is The ‘Scene Queen’ Aesthetic?

For those who fondly reminisce about the days of MySpace profiles adorned with glittery graphics and neon-coloured backgrounds, the resurgence of scene queen beauty is a welcome blast from the past. Having originated in the era when social media was still finding its footing, scene queens were the pioneers of avant-garde make-up and gravity-defying hair.

Gone are the days of cringe-worthy screen names, but the spirit of scene queens lives on, now with a modern twist. TikTok creators, many of whom were mere toddlers during the MySpace era, are breathing new life into this iconic aesthetic. With bold, emo make-up, statement hair and a healthy dose of nostalgia, they’re reviving a trend that once ruled the internet.

The scene queen look was all about pushing boundaries and embracing individuality. Bright and saturated colors dominated the make-up palette, creating a striking contrast to the dark emo and goth styles of the time. Brands like MAC were the go-to for achieving that vibrant look, with hot-pink eyes, thick black eyeliner, and nude lips crafted from concealer.

But it wasn’t just about the make-up; scene queens were known for their larger-than-life hairdos. Teased to the high heavens and often adorned with brightly coloured extensions, their locks were a testament to creativity and fearlessness. And let’s not forget the DIY disasters that came with experimenting with bleach and hair glue—because in the world of scene queens, the pursuit of beauty sometimes came at a cost.

What set scene queens apart was their unabashed embrace of individuality. Inspired by musicians, artists and cultural icons, they crafted a style that was uniquely their own. From Siouxsie Sioux to David Bowie, their influences spanned decades, creating a melting pot of creativity that defined an era.

Fast forward to the present day, and scene queens are making a comeback in the most unexpected of places: TikTok. Armed with a love for all things nostalgic and a knack for reinvention, a new generation of creators is putting their own spin on the scene queen aesthetic. From lip-syncing to sped-up versions of classic scene band songs to showcasing their shopping hauls from vintage brands, they’re capturing the essence of a bygone era with infectious enthusiasm.

Despite the nearly two-decade gap between the original scene queens and their TikTok counterparts, the appeal remains the same: it’s all about having fun and expressing your individuality. In a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, embracing the whimsy of scene queen beauty is a welcome escape—a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to be a little bit extra.

As we go on this journey back to the early 2000s, let’s raise a can of hairspray to the scene queens of yesteryear and the ones who are keeping the spirit alive today. Whether you’re a seasoned Myspace veteran or a TikTok newbie, there’s no denying the nostalgia of scene queen beauty.