Celebrity Skin Specialist Shares Her Take On Salmon Sperm Facials!

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Chaiti Narula

The latest episode of The Clique was a riot. I got talking with Dr Kiran Sethi, MD, a celebrity skin specialist, who knows how to stay ahead of the curve! She takes a trip to the US each year and comes back with the kind of treatments India has not heard of before.

While no one is complaining, we attempted to understand whether they work and if so, in what fashion.

Enter salmon sperm. As gross as it sounds to apply salmon sperm to one’s face, she explained what polynucleotides are in a riot-infused episode of The Clique.

Not just that, the show serves as a ready reckoner for anyone wanting to give their skin the treatment it deserves! How much is too much? Are you getting your routine right? Are you falling for clickbaits or buying into celebrity/influencer-led skincare? Or are you opting for products that follow an actual science-backed approach and has delivered results with clinical trials?

Dr Kiran Sethi has the answers for all you skincare lovers!

Watch The Latest Episode Of The Clique ft. Dr Kiran Sethi Here: