Jeans Boots

Is The Viral ‘Jeans Boots’ Trend Worth Trying?

Another day, another viral trend—and this time, it’s the lovechild between knee-high boots with pointed toes and heels and jeans. Fashion influencers on TikTok and Instagram are slashing their old denim jeans to make the DIY version of the ‘jeans boots’ after Swedish supermodel and influencer Elsa Hosk shared a picture of her wearing them and amass

Here’s How You Can Make The Viral Beanut-Butter Cups

In the world of crazy food combinations, we’ve just stumbled upon a dish that will make you rethink desserts that are sweet and savoury. While it is hard to believe that such a combination can ever exist, but baked-beans-filled chocolate cups have been doing the rounds on social media, and are surprisingly delicious. Created by The Vulgar Chef, @th

The Criss-Cross Ponytail Is Having A Major Moment Right Now

As we endure scorching summer heat, it’s time to try hairstyles that are not only cute but also keep frizz at bay. And while we’re talking about cute hairstyles, the trendy ’90s criss-cross pony has recently been doing the rounds on social media. The easy-to-do hairstyle is not only fun but can be achieved in just mere minutes, without using extens