priscilla presley nails

Decoding The Viral ‘Priscilla Presley’ Manicure Trend

For decades, fans have been recreating and obsessing over the iconic make-up and fashion of Priscilla Presley, superstar and ex-wife of singer Elvis Presley. Now, following the release of her blockbuster biopic movie late last year, starring Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny, fans are going crazy for her nails over 50 years since she first sported the

marry me chicken

Can This Chicken Recipe Prompt A Proposal? The Internet Says ‘Yes’

Picture this: a chicken dinner so divine that it has the power to prompt marriage proposals. Yes, you read that right! Forget about candlelit dinners; we’re talking about a dish so tantalisingly delicious that it might just lead to a lifetime commitment. As the saying goes, the way to the heart is through the stomach, and this meal takes that adage

viral broccoli chips

These Viral Crispy Broccoli Chips Are Perfect For Snack Time

Are you tired of the same old side dishes, craving something crispy and flavourful to accompany your meals? Well, TikTok foodies have unleashed a game-changer: Crispy Smashed Broccoli aka the Crispy Broccoli Chips! While smashing veggies might not be groundbreaking, this technique has taken an unexpected turn, proving that broccoli is more than jus

Villain Make-Up

The ‘Villain Make-Up’ Look Is Perfect For Autumn Night-Outs

In the vast realm of beauty trends, TikTok has once again birthed a beauty trend that’s set the internet ablaze – the sultry and seductive villain make-up. While we all appreciate the charm of the girl-next-door, there’s an undeniable allure in tapping into your inner femme fatale every now and then. Think about it; some of our most adored antagoni

French Manicure Hack

This French Manicure Hack Will Save You A Trip To The Salon

When we think of the ultimate manicure, we can all think of the classic French tips. The clean white French tips on a pink, nude base colour are chic, effortless and forever timeless. And while we do see many variations of the French manicure on the Internet, nothing can really beat the OG. Many times we do run to our go-to nail salon to get the Fr

Honeycomb Pasta

Honeycomb Pasta Is Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For

Yet another pasta recipe that has taken over TikTok and Instagram, ‘Honeycomb Pasta’ is something you need to try! Pasta always has a special place in our hearts, and one can never get enough of it. And, lucky for us, Honeycomb Pasta is super easy to make with only a few key ingredients. Much like its name, the pasta is set and served in the shape