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Here’s How You Can Style The Trending ‘Butterfly Bangs’ Haircut

Bangs are back, and this time around, they’re fluttering into the scene as the chic and versatile ‘butterfly bangs’ trend. A fusion of movement and illusion, this hairstyle offers a breath of fresh air for those in the midst of growing out their curtain bangs or seeking a change without a major chop. Let’s explore the details of the butterfly bangs haircut, styling tips and why it’s creating waves across social media platforms like TikTok.

The Butterfly Bangs Haircut

Imagine layers that mimic the delicate fluttering wings of a butterfly and you’ve got yourself the Butterfly Bangs haircut. This style is not only a remedy for those growing out shorter lengths but also a fashion-forward choice that adds movement and dimension to your locks. The fringe features short layers around the crown, creating the illusion of shorter hair, while the haircut utilises feathery layers around the face.

Adaptability For All Hair Types

One of the beauty industry’s most significant revelations is the adaptability of the butterfly cut for various hair types. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or somewhere in between, the butterfly bangs trend accommodates all. For wavy or curly hair, it’s recommended to cut it dry to ensure the top layer sits at the desired length, avoiding the wet hair elongation effect. For those with pin-straight hair, consider incorporating wispy bangs for added movement.

Styling Your Butterfly Bangs

The magic of butterfly bangs lies in their versatility. Wear your hair down for cascading layers around your face or experiment with updos that create the illusion of a shorter cut. Styling these bangs is a breeze—start with a heat protectant spray and a medium round brush for blow-drying. The diagonal direction of the brush ensures the feathered look, reminiscent of the butterfly’s graceful flight.

For straight and wavy hair, root lifting products like a volumising mousse can enhance the layers, giving your hairstyle the volume it deserves. Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural texture or add subtle waves for a playful touch. And if you’re in the mood for a faux shorter cut, all you need is a few bobby pins. Simply pin the bottom layer under, creating a chic, transformed appearance that’s perfect for any occasion.

The TikTok Connection

As trends often find their roots in nostalgia, it’s no wonder the butterfly cut is making waves on TikTok. Reminiscent of ‘90s icons like Jennifer Aniston and Pamela Anderson, this trend brings a modern twist to classic layers and voluminous updos. The butterfly bangs trend is more than just a haircut; it’s a style statement that allows you to play with short hair without the commitment.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a trendsetter or someone looking to refresh their look, butterfly bangs offer a stylish solution for every hair type and length. The illusion of movement, adaptability and easy styling make this hair trend a standout choice if you’re looking to switch things up this season.