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The ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair Trend Exudes ‘Old-Money’ Energy

As the seasons change, so does our desire for a fresh, new look. If you’re contemplating a hair colour transformation that’s both chic and easy to maintain, the ‘expensive brunette’ trend might be your golden ticket. Move over, platinum blondes; it’s time for brunettes to shine with richness, depth and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

What is the ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair Colour all about?

Imagine a hair colour that’s not just a shade but an experience — shiny warm, and natural, with a sparkle that catches the light effortlessly. ‘Expensive brunette’ is more than a hue; it’s a lifestyle, boasting rich tones and an undeniable shine. Picture Hailey Bieber’s chestnut base with subtle honey blonde ends — that’s the essence of this lived-in, luxurious colour.

Who Is The ‘Brunette Hair Colour’ For?

Former blondes growing out their natural colour or anyone seeking a low-maintenance, high-impact look will find ‘expensive brunette’ irresistible. Whether you’re into multi-tonal richness or prefer a one-dimensional colour, this trend is versatile enough to cater to your style.

This trend isn’t just a passing fancy; it’s a fall and winter favourite. This hair colour offers versatility and ease, making it the go-to choice for those seeking a manageable yet luxurious transformation. Whether you’re growing out highlights or embracing the darker side, the trend works for various skin tones and eye colours, enhancing your natural features.

How to Get ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair

Achieving this coveted look involves careful consideration of your natural base. For a boost in dimension, opt for sheer, almost-invisible highlights and a fresh toner. The goal is to create a polished glow, steering clear of overly bright or bleached-out results. The use of bond-strengthening lighteners ensures integrity and a seamless blend.

If you’re blessed with brunette locks, a colour glaze might be all you need. Enhance existing richness, correct brassy tones, or boost light-reflective sheen with a zero-lift, zero-damage glaze.

What To Ask For At The Salon

When heading to the salon for your ‘expensive brunette‘ transformation, communicate your vision clearly. Discuss your desired level of dimension, specifying whether you want sheer, invisible highlights or a more noticeable contrast. Mention your preferred tonal direction, whether it’s warm caramel, rich espresso, or golden browns. For those starting with a natural brunette base, inquire about a gloss treatment to achieve the trend’s trademark radiance. If you’re looking to add brightness, consider balayage for a pop of light, or opt for lowlights if your hair is lighter.

Maintenance Tips

Contrary to its name, ‘expensive brunette’ is surprisingly low-maintenance. Embracing the shift towards natural appearances, the trend thrives on hydration and sheer top-ups to maintain vibrancy. Bump up shine with the right shampoo and conditioner. For a touch of chocolate brown pigment, colour-depositing conditioners work wonders.

To maintain that radiant sheen, consider a clear glaze application for extra shine between colour appointments. Remember, less frequent washing, coupled with a quality dry shampoo prevents colour stripping and keeps your ‘expensive brunette’ looking its best.

So, why wait? Get the hair colour fit for an ‘old-money’ aesthetic, now!