Hair Botox Beauty Trend

The Hair Botox Beauty Trend Explained

It feels like there’s no problem Botox can’t solve these days—anything from a migraine, forehead wrinkles to sweaty armpits and a widened jawline, Botox is your guy. And now, with over 285K views on the #HairBotox hashtag on Instagram, a new beauty trend is doing the rounds on the internet. Before you freak out and imagine needles poking at your ha

8 Must-Have Beauty Products That Can Help You Beat This Heatwave Like A Pro

As we step into summer, the sudden heatwave is causing everyone major despair. And since summer is the best time to be out in the sun and enjoy some warmth, it goes without saying that the rising temperatures are dampening everyone’s plans. But, foiled plans aside, what needs immediate attention is protecting our skin from the susequent damage that


5 Stunning Hairstyles That You Can Try This Summer Wedding Season

Wedding season is the best season of the year. Wearing your favourite outfits, eating great food, and dancing to some chart-topping Bollywood songs, weddings are all about having a good time. But as the temperatures rise, getting your hairstyle to look effortlessly chic till the end of the event becomes almost impossible. With the heat constantly d