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12 Winter Hairstyles You Need To Cop This Party Season

As the winter chill settles in, it’s time to bid farewell to beachy waves and sun-kissed locks, and welcome a whole new realm of fabulous winter hairstyles. This season, it’s all about embracing the cold with confidence, and what better way to do that than by flaunting the hottest winter hairstyles?

From nostalgic nods to the ’90s to futuristic twists, we’ve curated a list of the must-try winter hairdos that will have you turning heads and braving the elements with style.

1. Bubble Braids: Channel Your Inner Ice Queen

Winter is the perfect time to let your hair take centre stage, and bubble braids are here to steal the spotlight. This playful and intricate style involves creating small, rounded sections down the length of your braid, resembling delicate winter bubbles. The result? An enchanting and whimsical look that will make you feel like the ruler of your own winter wonderland.

2. ’90s-Inspired Claw Clip Buns: The Revival We Didn’t Know We Needed

Step aside, scrunchies, the ’90s claw clip is making a triumphant comeback! This winter, elevate your bun game by securing it with a stylish claw clip. Not only does it scream nostalgia, but it also adds a touch of effortless chic to your overall look. Now you don’t need to sacrifice style for warmth.

3. Messy Undone Buns: Effortless Elegance for Winter Days

For those days when you want to look effortlessly chic without sacrificing warmth, the messy undone bun is your go-to winter hairstyle. This laid-back and tousled look exudes casual elegance, striking the perfect balance between staying cosy and looking fabulous. It’s the ultimate “I woke up like this” style that will have everyone wondering about your secret winter beauty weapon.

4. Hair Bows: Tie the Season Together with Elegance

This winter, transform your tresses into a work of art by incorporating hair bows into your styling routine. Whether you opt for a dainty bow perched atop a high ponytail or a bold statement bow adorning a sleek updo, this accessory adds a touch of sophistication to your winter look. It’s the perfect way to tie your seasonal style together with a bow, literally.

5. ’90s Blowout: A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist

Step into Winter with the undeniable allure of the ’90s supermodel blowout. This hairstyle pays homage to the iconic era of supermodels but with a contemporary twist that’s as relevant today as it was on the runway then. Voluminous, bouncy waves cascade effortlessly, framing your face in a way that exudes glamour and confidence. It’s a look that whispers sophistication and declares you as the undisputed queen of winter chic.

6. Baby Braids Framing the Face: Sweet and Snowflake-Approved

For a winter hairstyle that’s equal parts sweet and sophisticated, try framing your face with delicate baby braids. These tiny, intricate braids add a touch of whimsy to your look, creating a snowflake-inspired frame that complements the winter season perfectly. It’s a subtle detail that makes a bold statement. Who said winter hairstyles couldn’t be both cute and fierce?

7. Slick Bun: Sleek and Chic for Winter Nights

When the occasion calls for a touch of glamour, the slick bun is your go-to winter hairstyle. This polished and sophisticated look is achieved by smoothing your hair into a sleek bun, creating a style that’s perfect for winter nights out or special events. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of style, making you the epitome of winter elegance.

8. Glossy Braids: Shine Bright in the Winter Sun

Why let the summer sun have all the fun? This winter, make your braids shine with a glossy finish that adds a touch of glamour to your look. The glossy braids trend takes traditional braided styles to the next level by incorporating a high-shine finish, making your hair glisten like freshly-fallen snow. It’s the perfect way to stand out in the winter crowd and leave a trail of envy in your wake.

9. Wet Hair: Rain or Shine, You’re Trending

Embrace the elements with the wet hair trend that’s guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go. Whether you’re heading out in the snow or just want to make a statement indoors, the wet hair look exudes confidence and modernity. It’s a style that defies the traditional boundaries of winter beauty, proving that you can be on-trend no matter the weather.

10. Barbie Ponytail: Playful and Polished All at Once

Wrap up your winter hairstyle journey with the Barbie ponytail—a playful and polished look that’s as fun as it is fabulous. This high, sleek ponytail exudes confidence and a touch of whimsy, making it the ideal winter hairstyle for those who want to stand out in a sea of ordinary.

11. Half Dreads, Half Loose Hair: Unleash the Bold Fusion

For a winter hairstyle that defies convention and radiates edgy sophistication, consider the wild fusion of half dreads and half loose hair. This avant-garde look strikes the perfect balance between structured and free-flowing, showcasing your individuality with a touch of rebellion. It’s a statement style that brings an unexpected twist to the winter landscape, proving that the season is the perfect canvas for bold experimentation.

12. Colorful Streaks or Clip-In Strands: Winter Hues That Pop

Break away from the muted tones of winter by infusing vibrant hues into your hairstyle with colourful streaks or clip-on strands. Whether you opt for icy blues, fiery reds, or playful pastels, these pops of colour will add a lively and dynamic dimension to your winter look. It’s a trend that celebrates the spirit of the season while allowing you to express your personality in a way that’s as unique as a snowflake.