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People Are Pouring Beer On Themselves For This Strange Reason

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In the pursuit of beauty, we’ve seen a lot of strange internet trends gain momentum. From snail slime to even period blood, the Internet has popularised several unconventional things for their alleged beauty or skincare benefits. Now, a new viral trend has dermatologists all around the world raising the alarm for being as ridiculous as it is dangerous. We’re talking, of course, of the increasingly popular ‘Beer Tan’ trend that has gained hundreds and thousands of views across social media platforms.

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What is ‘Beer Tan’?

Originating from where all questionable trends originate from, ‘Beer Tan’ is the latest beauty hack that became popular on TikTok first and then migrated to Instagram and Facebook too. The trend requires four simple steps: Buy some beer, take a dive into the water, pour the aforementioned beer on yourself, and enjoy the sun on your skin for some time. This technique is supposed to give people a deeper and more even tan, with creators claiming that the beer helps activate melanin.

Is tanning using beer safe?

No, it has no scientific backing. Experts from all over the world have cautioned against people pouring beer on themselves in the hot sun for tanning purposes. Not only will it make you smell like a nightmare and become a potential insect magnet, it’s also extremely ineffective against the harmful rays of the sun. Not using proper protection in the sun can lead to a world of trouble, including sunburn and the risk of developing skin cancer.

Now that you know, let the beer keep you refreshed and explore the terrain of tanning oils to get the golden glow of your dreams.