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This Company Is Offering Any Beer & Travel Lover’s Dream Job

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you lost out on the job where you’d be paid to vacation in Europe and drink expensive wine or the one which pays nearly INR 80 Lakhs just to eat and approve candy, you still have a shot at a Dream Job ™.

U.S-based RV membership company Harvest Hosts is looking for someone who would travel across America to visit more than 500 breweries and distilleries to map “North America’s Ultimate Ale Trail”.

The AleBlazer, as you would be called if you got the job, would spend two years on a road trip across the country to hit major distilleries and breweries and sample free drinks to help the company track the best route for future travellers who are beer and spirits enthusiasts.

To accomplish this, you would be given a decked-out RV which you will use for your boozy road trip where you’ll spend one night at each location.

While free drinks and a rent-free vehicle are definite perks of the job, the payment is not much. The AleBlazer will be given a $50 daily stipend for the two-year stint.

But if you’re good at the job, you can look at a future within the company as a vacation architect “to design road trips for all types of interests and experience levels, from an alpaca farm trail to a winery route to a golf course journey”.

In order to be eligible for this job, you would have to be over the age of 21 and need a valid US driver’s licence. You would also need to submit photos or videos that prove your love of breweries and distilleries.

If being an AleBlazer is your destiny, here’s the official application for the job.