Fake Tan Lines Trend© Unsplash/Instagram

Why Are People Putting Fake Tan Lines On Themselves?

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those swimsuits, fire up the BBQ, and bask in the glorious sun. However, as much as we love soaking up the summer rays, we also know the importance of sun protection and avoiding harmful UV rays. But fear not! There’s a quirky new beauty trend making waves on social media that lets you rock those nostalgic tan lines without compromising your skin’s health. Introducing the fake tan lines beauty trend, where makeup magic meets summer vibes!

We all have memories of summer days spent lounging by the pool or enjoying beach picnics with friends. Tan lines were often the telltale signs of a fun-filled day under the sun. Now, thanks to the fake tan lines trend, you can recreate those memories in a safe and creative way. It’s all about embracing the charm of tan lines without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

How to really get fake tan lines?

If you’re ready to jump on the fake tan lines bandwagon, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to achieving the look.

  1. First, gather your tools: tape, a brush, your favorite powdered bronzer, and blush.
  2. Next, use the tape to mark off the areas where you want your “swimsuit” straps to be.
  3. Now comes the fun part. Using the brush, apply a mixture of bronzer and blush over the taped areas, mimicking the appearance of tan lines.
  4. Once you’ve created the desired effect, carefully peel off the tape and blend any harsh lines with your fingertips. Voila! You’ve got yourself some fabulous faux tan lines.

What’s this trend really about?

The fake tan lines trend is all about self-expression and embracing the carefree spirit of summer. Just like fake freckles or other playful make-up trends, this trend allows you to showcase your creativity and individuality. You can choose to recreate the classic bikini strap tan lines, or perhaps experiment with different patterns or shapes. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all about having fun with your make-up routine.

Should you get fake tan lines?

While we all love a sun-kissed glow, it’s important to prioritise our skin’s health. The fake tan lines trend offers a fantastic alternative to sun exposure, allowing you to achieve the desired look without risking sunburn or long-term damage. By using makeup to recreate tan lines, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal while still practicing proper sun protection.

Summer is the time to unwind, have fun, and indulge in nostalgic experiences. The fake tan lines beauty trend encapsulates the essence of summer while promoting safe sun practices. Whether you’re reminiscing about carefree poolside days or simply love the aesthetic appeal, this trend lets you play with make-up and recreate tan lines in a unique and creative way. So why not give it a try? Embrace the summer vibes and rock those fake tan lines with pride!