chickle recipe

The Viral ‘Chickle’ Recipe Is The Perfect Snack For Pickle Lovers

In the ever-evolving world of ‘Food-Tok’, where trends seem to pop up as frequently as memes, one quirky creation has managed to ‘peak-ckle’ the interest of millions—the Pickle in a Blanket, or as some affectionately call it, the ‘Chickle.’ This simple yet oddly satisfying snack has taken the internet by storm, offering a crispy and flavourful twis

Viral Flat Hair Hack

Inject Volume In Your Locks With This Viral Flat Hair Hack

Are you tired of your hair falling flat and lifeless, despite your best efforts to achieve that healthy volume? Well, fret no more, because the hair gods have bestowed upon us a viral flat hair hack that’s about to become your new best friend. Thanks to the ingenious mind of Instagram’s favourite hairstylist, Matt Newman (@mattloveshair), your lock

Beer Tan Beauty Trend

People Are Pouring Beer On Themselves For This Strange Reason

In the pursuit of beauty, we’ve seen a lot of strange internet trends gain momentum. From snail slime to even period blood, the Internet has popularised several unconventional things for their alleged beauty or skincare benefits. Now, a new viral trend has dermatologists all around the world raising the alarm for being as ridiculous as it is danger

Cottage Cheese Ice-Cream

Cottage Cheese Ice-Cream Is The Guilt-Free Snack Of Your Dreams

Get ready, ice cream aficionados, because it’s that time of the year again when a sensational frozen treat trend takes the world by storm! We’ve witnessed the rise of “nice cream,” the creamy concoction made from blending frozen bananas. And more recently, the Ninja Creami, which is a miraculous gadget that transforms any liquid into a frozen desse

Here Is A Healthy Version Of Coke You Never Knew You Needed

With temperatures rising up and up, finding a drink that is refreshing but is also healthy is highly important. However easy it might be to grab a can of Coca-Cola from the fridge whenever you need that instant cool-down, it’s not always the healthiest option out there. Now, thanks to TikTok, we may just have found the perfect alternative to a cola

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp’s Viral Make-Up Look Is Having A Moment

Lily-Rose Depp has always been on top of her fashion and beauty game. The French-American actor has created her own unique style, which has made her an absolute favourite among the GenZ.