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This New Year’s Eve Ritual Promises To Bring You Good Luck For 2024

As the calendar eagerly counts down the final days of the year, a peculiar yet delightful tradition unfolds in many Spanish-speaking households worldwide. It involves not champagne toasts or confetti showers but the swift consumption of 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight. This curious custom, believed to bring good luck and prosperity for each month of the upcoming year, has not only stood the test of time but has also found its way into the viral realms of social media and even made a cameo in the legendary sitcom Modern Family. Join us as we unravel the juicy details behind the 12 grapes tradition.

The Grape Escape: A Spanish Legacy

The origins of this peculiar tradition can be traced back to 19th-century Spain, where grape farmers in Alicante faced a surplus of their sweet produce. To avoid waste, the “uvas de la suerte” or “lucky grapes” tradition emerged. Eating one grape with each stroke of the midnight clock, symbolising the 12 months of the year, became a quirky way to usher in prosperity.

Each grape is supposed to represent one month of the upcoming year, and as you eat each grape, you make a wish or set an intention for the corresponding month.

The tradition is believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Some people take it very seriously, while others see it as a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate the New Year. The grapes are often eaten quickly and in quick succession as the clock strikes midnight, and it’s not uncommon for people to gather in public squares or at home with family and friends to participate in this tradition.

TikTok has taken this age-old practice and given it a fresh twist, turning it into a viral sensation. The hashtag #underthetable boasts a whopping 40 million views, with users sharing their experiences and claiming that this fruity ritual brings good fortune, especially in matters of the heart.

How to Eat 12 Grapes Under the Table To Ensure Good Luck!

Picture this: as the clock ticks towards midnight, you find yourself under a table, clutching a bunch of grapes with anticipation. Each chime of the clock signals the devouring of a grape, accompanied by focused intentions for the upcoming months. Finish all 12 grapes by 12:01 a.m., and voila! You’ve supposedly claimed good luck for the next year.

From Spain To TikTok: The Evolution of Tradition

While the 12 grapes tradition has its roots in Spain, it has evolved over time. It has now intertwined with a Latin American custom of sitting under a table and an Italian tradition of wearing red undergarments for good luck in love. It’s a fusion that might leave some scratching their heads, but TikTokers seem to swear by it. In fact, this superstition dates back to the 1800s, firmly grounding it in tradition rather than a fleeting trend.

This unique New Year’s Eve custom also made its way into popular culture, featuring in an episode of the ABC comedy Modern Family. Gloria Pritchett, played by Sofia Vergara, attributes her journey from a “single mother living in a slum” to a life of luxury to the 12 grapes tradition.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re seeking love, luck, or just a quirky story to tell, this fruity ritual under the table might just be the ingredient your New Year’s Eve needs. So, grab those grapes, find a cosy spot beneath a table, and let the countdown begin — may the grape-induced luck be ever in your favour!