Pocketing in Relationship

Is Your Partner ‘Pocketing’ You Without You Realising?

So things have been going swimmingly well in your latest relationship. You both have the same views regarding the ending of Game of Thrones, you both hate pineapple as a pizza topping and have almost settled on a vacation destination for the summer. But there’s still a niggling doubt in your head about your relationship. Why haven’t they introduced

New Dating Trend

Spotting Beige Flags Is The New Dating Trend: Yay or Nay?

With the dreaded ‘cuffing season’ right around the corner, urging lonely singles to land a partner just in time for Christmas and New Year, dating apps are being used in full swing this season. And with the burgeoning use of dating apps, comes the expert TikTok advice on how your dating profile should look to attract compatible partners. After red

Srishti and Abhyuday Jindal

Here’s How The Scions Of The Jindal Family Balance Their Personal And Professional Lives

Set in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi is a sprawling plot of land that houses verdant gardens and four identical structures, which together make the beautiful Jindal House. This striking steel-grey abode is the destination for our meeting with Abhyuday Jindal — son of Ratan and Deepika Jindal and grandson of steel magnate OP Jindal — and his wife, Sri