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Jonah Hill’s Texts With Ex Reveal A Toxic Relationship Issue

The Internet has been rife with discussions about covert misogyny amongst millennials and toxic ‘therapy-speak’. All this is thanks to a series of screenshots shared by actor Jonah Hill’s former girlfriend Sarah Brady. The surfer who dated Hill in 2022 shared screenshots of text messages allegedly shared between the couple when they were dating wit

Study on catch a lie

Study Says This Is The Best Way To Catch Your Partner In A Lie

Humans can do a lot of things. We can have access to a world of information in the palm of our hands yet choose to use the tech to watch videos of dogs being dressed in tutus, or we can build machines that will bring us one step closer to unwinding the mysteries of the universe. But one thing that we absolutely cannot do is be genetically equipped

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Study Claims This Is The Way To Stop Cheating On Your Partner

People who are in a relationship cheat on their partners for a variety of reasons. It could be a loss of newness or passion, or it could be that one partner feels that their emotional or sexual needs are not being met in the relationship. People are also more likely to cheat if they associate with people who also cheat. A new study published in the