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Plan The Perfect Date Based On Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Date nights are hard to plan. Finding the right location and activity is more crucial than you might think, especially if you’re looking to sweep your partner right off their feet.

While you might be ok with ordering in some takeout and putting on that Netflix documentary that your co-worker promised would give you nightmares for weeks, that doesn’t mean you can call it a date night with your SO.

So how do you figure out the elusive perfect date night idea that would earn you all the brownie points of being a thoughtful and romantic partner without the hassle of sitting around awkwardly waiting for your table at a restaurant neither of you truly like? We might not have the answers for you but the stars surely do.

So here’s a quick breakdown of what the perfect date night would look like based on your partner’s zodiac sign.

There’s always the option of talking to your partner and listening when they describe what they want, but a little help won’t hurt!


While Aries are known for their competitive nature, they’re also playful and love to be challenged. Take your boo out to the arcade or plan a day out at an amusement park for thrills and a date night you’ll never forget.

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Taureans appreciate luxury and the finer things in life. Taking them out to any regular restaurant won’t cut it. Do your research and find a restaurant that ticks all the boxes, which are good food, ambience, understated luxury…you get our drift?).


If you’re with a Gemini, you know they’re the life of any party they walk into. Plan a group date with your friend group or take them to a bar where they can show off their impressive memory retention skills in pub quizzes and games.


True blue homebodies by nature, Cancerians would swoon if you put in an effort to spruce up the space and plan the perfect movie night indoors. So cue up their favourite movies, order that pizza, and throw in some twinkling lights for good effect.

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Big fans of having the spotlight on them, your Leo partner would love a date where they can be the star. Think karaoke nights. Or better yet, let them plan the date for you. They’ll do a better job, trust us!


This earth sign would love a date night where they don’t have to contend with loud noises and crowds. Their affinity towards nature means that a romantic picnic in a scenic garden would make them swoon.


Libras love romance. Don’t be afraid to pull out all stops when it comes to planning a textbook date night. This means everything, from picking them up at their doorstep to a candle-lit dinner to a night of slow dancing. The key word is romance.


Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpios seek transformative experiences that challenge them mentally and physically. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone, if you’re dating a Scorpio, and take them out on an adventurous date that would help you learn something new about each other.


Sagittarians love surprises and are never afraid of adventure. So don’t be afraid of planning something spontaneous and big, like a road trip, to sweep them off their feet.

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Capricorns, as opposed to Saggitarians, hate surprises. So make sure they’re informed of the date night plans beforehand. A pottery class or a gourmet cooking lesson that has to be booked in advance seems like a good option.


When it comes to Aquarians, you have to give them a memorable date that gets them out of their own head. Take them out on a long drive to somewhere outside of the bustling city where you can spend the night gazing at stars in the clear night sky.


Indulge your Piscean partner’s creative and artistic side by taking them out to a new gallery opening or that exhibit that you know they will love. Bonus tip? Brush up on your art history talking points and you’re golden.