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The ‘Cosy Cardio’ Workout Comes With A Self-Care Twist

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

You may dread your workout, but it’s a necessary evil. But, dragging yourselves out of the warm comfort of the bed to sweat it out in the gym while preppy instructors preach their ‘no pain, no gain’ mantras, is a modern nightmare. But if you want to reap the health benefits of working out without the pain of dealing with gym equipment and sports bras, then ‘Cosy Cardio’ might be your saviour.

‘Cosy Cardio’ is a fitness trend that has continued to gain popularity online, ever since it was introduced by Texas-based content creator Hope Zuckerbrow. In her videos, she is seen working out in her pyjamas with dim lights or candles illuminating her living room.

She executes her low-intensity workouts languidly, often sipping a coffee drink while a TV show or movie plays in the background.

Everything To Know About The ‘Cosy Cardio’ Workout

What is ‘Cosy Cardio’?

The fitness trend serves to make working out as accessible and relaxing as possible. It’s the antithesis of the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy that encourages people who are wary of going to the gym or partaking in intense workouts to start small and create an environment for themselves that is cosy and comfortable. Zuckerbrow told CNN in an interview that working out in this manner helped heal her relationship with exercise. She claims that many people like her can benefit from trying out ‘cosy cardio’ to ease their way into adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

How to do ‘Cosy Cardio’?

If you’re influenced by Zuckerbrow and the hundreds of others who have tried it for themselves, then you can start your ‘Cosy Cardio’ journey by identifying a low-intensity workout that works for you. It could be walking on a treadmill or doing light yoga. The next step is to create an environment that makes you feel at home. You can light your favourite candles, cue up a playlist of relaxing tunes, and slip on your most comfortable pyjamas that make you feel you’re walking on clouds. In Zuckerbrow’s videos, she alternates between low and high-intensity workouts with short intervals to cool down in between sessions. This is the ideal way to ace ‘cosy cardio’.

Does ‘Cosy Cardio’ really work?

While Zuckerbrow, and other ‘Cosy Cardio’ enthusiasts, claim that the workout style has changed their lives, experts suggest balancing it out with some outdoor exercises as well. Studies have suggested that even replacing 30 minutes of sedentary time every day with light physical activity can cause an 11% reduction in all-cause mortality and a 24% reduction in cardiovascular mortality. ‘Cosy Cardio’, according to experts, is better than not working out at all. The combination of a light workout and a cosy environment can reduce stress and provide health benefits.

But while ‘Cosy Cardio’ is a good way to ease yourself into the habit of working out, you must balance it with light outdoor activities, like walking or jogging, as well.

So what are you waiting for? Light those candles and put on your favourite rom-com. We’ve got a workout to finish!