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This Fitness Trend Will Change The Way You Workout For Good

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you’re one of those who have been putting in the hours at the gym without seeing any significant changes in your body, then you might need to reevaluate your method.

You can try Time Under Tension (TUT), a fitness trend that is slowly gaining momentum amongst experts as the answer to this problem. With TUT, you focus on the number of seconds your muscles were working, instead of focusing on the number of reps while working out.

Sebastian Lagree, creator of the Lagree method (a low-impact, high-intensity method that apparently tightens and tones in as little as 20-minutes a session), says counting reps is actually useless. According to Lagree, there are many variables in personal speed and day-to-day performance that can affect the rep counts. This is why this method of timing muscle contraction has become a new measure of gain with fitness experts like Lagree.

For TUT to be effective, you need to keep the muscles under tension for the entire duration, without taking any breaks. These experts are very clear on the fact that taking breaks during this workout means you’re not really using the TUT method after all. Even though it has been around for a while (Lagree claims he has been using this method for his workouts for the past 20 years), it is coming to the forefront now, with many experts calling it the ‘next frontier in fitness’.

What are the benefits of TUT method?

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One of the most purported benefits of TUT is that it cuts down on wasted time during workouts, although many experts agree that taking breaks in the middle of working out is actually advisable. The most significant one is that it helps increase muscular strength, endurance, and growth. Lagree also says that this is a “more accurate measure of improvement over just counting repetitions.”

How to introduce TUT in your daily workout?


TUT can be used in any type of strength workout, including pilates or classic weightlifting and strength training. If you use hand weights, dumbbells, or a traditional gym machine, TUT can be achieved by slowing down your movement and holding it where you can feel the burn for a little longer. Experts agree that the ideal time to keep muscles under tension can vary between 90 seconds to two-and-a-half minutes, depending on your endurance levels.

What should you keep in mind before going the TUT way?

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The most important thing to remember is to consult a professional trainer or expert before trying out any new fitness trend that requires a test of endurance on your part. Aside from this, you need tp give yourself time to recover between workouts by targetting different muscle groups on different days.