Kim Kardashian working out© Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s 2024 Routine Workout Looks Intense

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Kim Kardashian doesn’t believe in gatekeeping secrets behind her flawless looks—be it crazy (and harmful) diets or make-up tricks.

So, it came as no surprise when the SKIMS founder recently shared her intense lower body workout routine on Instagram, reminding those of us who had fervently jotted down ‘Go to the gym more frequently’ on our 2024 resolutions list that we have to, in fact, go to the gym!

Kim K brought her followers along with her to the gym where she demonstrated her go-to routine with the tweaks suggested for the new year by her trainer Senada Greca.

Kim Kardashian’s Lower Body Workout Routine

From Romanian Deadlifts to Step-Ups that she called “deadly”, here’s what Kim Kardashian’s 2024 workout routine looks like…

Romanian Deadlifts

The reality TV superstar started with a set of Romanian Deadlifts. The exercise is a permanent feature on leg days for Kim. It involves hinging forward at the hips to lift a weighted hex bar. The exercise, according to experts, increases strength and flexibility.

Hamstring Curls

Next up for Kim was a round of hamstring curls, which she confesses are the most difficult for her. The beauty mogul used a roller to move her legs back and forth and claimed the exercise “is a killer!”. As the name suggests, the exercise targets the hamstrings and builds strength in the muscles.

Hip Thrust

“I hate these hip thrusts!” wrote Kim and revealed that her trainer makes her do these three times a week. Kim uses the leg extension machine and a bench to complete the set, writing, “Creativity is also key”. She might hate the exercise but it helps improve her posture and increases her strength.


Kim K assures her fellow haters of the exercise that it “might be deadly but a must”. Resistance exercises work on the muscles in the legs and buttocks and is great for conditioning the lower body.

Standing Cable Abductions

Kim finished her workout with a round of lateral leg raises using a resistance machine, AKA standing cable abductions. The exercise targets the hip abductor muscles that are active when we’re walking or running.

Kim Kardashian revealed that she is planning to go heavier with weights in 2024 and had some solid advice for people who want to stick with their fitness goals for the year. “Consistency is key,” she advises, adding that the trick is to set small goals and stick to them.