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Elevate Your Weekly Date Nights With Your Special Someone With Some Must Watch Romantic K-Dramas

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

2022 is the year we bring out our comfiest clothes and spend some quality time with our partners. With the pandemic disrupting most couples’ date night plans, it’s time to stay back at home, make some hot chocolate and go on a K-drama marathon. Every K-Drama loyalist knows, once you get on the Hallyu wave, it’s almost impossible to get off. This is the perfect time to introduce your special someone to the land of addictive shows and even a little bit of Aegyo (a way of talking and behaving in a cute, almost cringe manner).

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Romantic K-Dramas

For all the couples who have a special place in their hearts for Rom-Com movies, this list is going to want you to finish it all in one go. With many heart-warming moments and even a few tear-jerking scenes, here is a must-watch list of iconic romantic K-dramas that are a must-watch for your date night in.

Crash Landing On You

The show that got a lot of people hooked on K-dramas, Crash Landing On You was the Boys Over Flowers of 2020. When a successful South Korean heiress gets into a paragliding accident and ends up in North Korea, in the arms of a handsome soldier, sparks are bound to fly. Starring Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, the soldier protects and hides the heiress while actively looking for a way to get her back home but soon finds himself falling deeply in love. The show is incomplete without the North Korean soldier troup who form a unique friendship with Son Ye Jin. A drama all about love, heartbreak, and fate, this show was one of the biggest grossing shows of 2020, creating a whole new Hallyu wave. One of the main reasons why their chemistry stood out was because behind the scenes they were falling in love for real. In this show of forbidden love, you feel emotions you’ve never felt before. Along with a stellar supporting cast, Crash Landing On You is the ultimate drama to start with.

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Fight For My Way

Park Seo Joon’s undeniable charm and looks are hard to ignore, especially when he portrays the role of an upcoming MMA star. Co-starring with Kim Ji Won, they create a stunning chemistry that is hard to ignore. Fight For My Way revolves around four best friends and how they navigate their lives and relationships while working hard to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. A slice of life genre with some seriously bone tickling humour (especially Ae Ra’s iconic Aegyo) this show is the perfect date night watch.

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Descendants Of The Sun

An intense romantic drama with some equal parts of rib-tickling humour; Descendents Of The Sun was one of the biggest dramas of 2016. Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, the show revolves around a special force officer and a doctor who fall in love but often find themselves on an end road due to their drastically different professions. But fate plays quite a role in this story by bringing them together even at the toughest of times. The show got massive viewership thanks to the undeniable chemistry between the two leads, who soon turned their on-screen relationship into a real one. But sadly, their marriage ended soon after. Yet, even today, Descendents Of The Sun is one of the best romantic dramas of all time.

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Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Gong Yoo is the king of K-Dramas. The way he captivates the audience with his stellar charm and wit is absolutely astonishing especially when he is on-screen with Kim Go Eun. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God surrounds an immortal goblin, who is in search of his human bride, who is the only person to remove the invisible from his chest. It was one of the biggest K-dramas of 2016 along with Descendants Of The Sun. With a whole lot of twists and turns, this drama guarantees to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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Oh My Venus

If you are a sucker for a good Rom-Com, this K-drama is soon going to be your favourite. Oh My Venus revolves around Kang Joo Eun played by Shin Min Ah who gets dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years because she puts on weight. To prove him wrong, Kang Joo Eun takes the help of a famous trainer, played by Kim Young Ho, to get in shape and get her life back on track. Oh My Venus is a show that will fill your heart with warmth and love. From Kang Joo Eun’s aim to live a healthier lifestyle to the supporting actor’s character development, this drama is a wholesome package that will leave you wanting for more, especially Venus Of Daegu’s dimple kisses.

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