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EXCLUSIVE: Korean Actress Kim Go-eun Talks About Yumi’s Cells, Her Co-Star Jinyoung, And More…

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Yumi is back and her tiny unitard-clad ‘mind cells’ are super busy as they deal with not only a toe-curling new romance with the awesome Yoo Ba-bi but have new decisions and emotions to encounter in the second instalment of the screen adaptation of the popular webtoon Yumi’s Cells.

If you, like me, resonate with Yumi and how those tiny Smurf- like creatures process and influence her every thought, decision, and action, then we have to unanimously agree on how well actor Kim Go-eun brings to life the simple and introverted Yumi, as she deals with work, heartbreak and opening herself up to the many possibilities life could offer.

After her emotionally traumatic break-up with Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun ) in the first season, Yumi has found love and happiness in the comforting presence of the ever-reliable Yoo Ba-bi (Jinyoung) and even quit her job to fulfil her writing ambitions.

“I could naturally immerse myself into my character, the fact that we were at a similar stage in life—in terms of age—was relatable regardless of the differences between our personalities and situations,” says 31-year-old Kim Go-eun, in an exclusive interview with HELLO! India. “The ordinariness of Yumi drew me. She is a regular girl looking for her significant other who breaks up, tries to move on, and then meets someone new in the process. It’s ‘living the ordinary, mundane life’ aspect of this drama that resonated with the audience as well,” she adds.

Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung’s crackling on-screen chemistry is nothing less than swoon-worthy, leaving fans asking for more. Kim Go-eun is all praises for co-star Jinyoung, “I think we were able to have great chemistry because Jinyoung approached me entirely as his character, Yoo Ba-bi. We also get along well—it’s easy to work with him, he is focussed and there is no awkwardness.”

One of the most versatile and sought-after actors, Kim Go-eun has an impressive filmography to showcase for her decade in the industry.

Though many labelled her debut in and as Eungyo in 2012 as ‘bold’, portraying a teenager who becomes the object of an aging poet’s desire in the adaptation of Park Bum-shin’s novel of the same name, it proved her ability to skilfully get under the skin of her character with ease.

Her breakout role in K-dramas came with Cheese In The Trap, playing the amiable and relatable Hong-seol caught in an emotionally complicated relationship.

From her sensitive portrayal as the orphaned teenager whose life gets entwined with the immortal Goblin in the mega-popular Guardian: The Lonely and Great God in 2016, to taking on a double role as the feisty cop and a hardened criminal caught between a parallel universe in King, The Eternal Monarch, Kim Go-eun says her approach towards her craft is uncomplicated. The actor has also starred in several critically-acclaimed films such as Canola and Tune Into Love.

“At first, I look at the written script to see how the characters speak, and their habits. Then, I form the character’s personality and attitude according to the flow of the entire plot as a whole and the choices my character makes within,” says Kim Go-eun.

As K-dramas continue to top global viewing charts and South Korean actors top search engines making headlines across platforms, Kim Go-eun says its exciting times for the South Korean Entertainment Industry.

“A growing global audience allowed us to have a better shooting environment, and led to greater investments to produce new dramas. Through this, we are able to guarantee more challenging, and higher quality work.”

As she turns a year older on July 2, we ask her if she is anything like her character and who would she like to designate as her dominant cell.

“I actually thought the prime cell would be the ‘love cell’, but then there are so many emotions and I think we can collectively learn to love them all. Like me, you too will also be able to see the ‘love cell’ learning and growing with Yumi. But I definitely want to be the ‘Housekeeping cell’, because he seems to be hanging around all the time instead of working.”

With a third season anticipated in the many adventures of Yumi , Kim Go-eun will soon be seen in the much-awaited Little Women.